Monday, May 11, 2009

What it is About

I'm drowning in a sea of congestion.

It is 5:30 and Bugs and I are STILL in our pj's.

She just fed me teddy grahams. Teddy grahams that she found in her leap frog learning table.

When did she put them there?

mmmm...stale teddy grahams.

But she's so happy to be sharing with mommy, who could deny her the pleasure?

Oh and my daddy bought her a softball (a real one) this weekend and she threw it at me. I'm 25% sure she broke my finger as she was about 6 inches from me when she threw it.

That's a lie. It isn't broken, but it still hurts. Real bad.

She's been trying to blow her nose all day because mommy is.

Even when I'm not at the top of my game, she still melts my heart.

That's what being a mommy is about :) That and some big fat slobbery tongue kisses.


w said...

did the teddy grahams have lint on them? because the ones i ate today did.

but then again, they weren't in a leapfrog table. they were under the sofa.


Rachel said...

You're always sick....Take some frickin' vitamin C! Geez! Less than 2 weeks by the way.