Friday, July 31, 2009

Giveaway Winner!!!!!!

First of all, let me say how awesome all ya'll are!!! I had 98 entries!!!!!!!!!!! (not to be confused with 98 people). Anyway, thanks!!! :) That makes me feel special...but not like...short yellow bus special. ANYWAY....

Drum roll please.....

Mr. Random Number Generator picked entry number 48.

Congratulations Adina!!! :) Reese will be so precious in that big ol' white bow.

The rest of you, sorry. Doesn't it suck when you don't win? Maybe if you "keep trying, keep trying, don't give up, never give up..." you will win eventually.


  1. This week I've been working overtime on the junk removal from our house. I've actually been somewhat successful.
  2. Every night this week I've been searching the internet for bedding for our guest bedroom. I know what I want, I just can't seem to find it.
  3. I got rid of some junk this week using Craig's List. That thing is stressful!!! You get pounced on by people.
  4. Now I feel the desperate pull of Home Depot calling my name. Begging me to come buy some paint for the walls (guest room). I think Anthony wants me to ignore that pull.
  5. I've been watching Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney. It's a teeny-bopper show. I love it.
  6. Everyone keeps mentioning how funny I am and now I feel the pressure. The pressure to be funny. Except I don't know how. To be funny. Can you teach me?
  7. I just realized I haven't posted the winner to the giveaway yet. Maybe I should go do that.
  8. I've been chewing on my lip this week. Now I have a big sore on my lip. And because I have the sore on my lip, I keep chewing on it. This cycle is endless.
  9. Last night we went to Brewster's and I got some ice cream that changed my life. Cotton Candy Explosion. OH. MY. GOSH. It's amazing. Real cotton candy pieces in it. And pop rocks. That's the "explosion" part in case you didn't figure it out.
  10. I have to go. I have to go learn how to use Mr. Random Number Generator.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've Moved....

We've the land of constant repetitiveness.

Just to give you a glimpse into my world, here are a few real life conversations:

1. Riding in the car yesterday...
Bug: "Momma."
Me: "What?"
Bug: "MOMMA."
Me: "Yes, baby?"
Bug: "Mommmmmmmma."
Me: *tries to ignore*
Bug: "Momma. Momma. Momma."
Me: *completely frustrated* "WHAT ANSLEIGH?"
Bug: *smiles real big* "HEEEEEEEEEEEY."

2. Saturday afternoon...
Me: *looking through some pictures of my neice on facebook*
Me: "What?"
Me: "Guy???"
Me: "Oh. Cate. Yeah...that's Anna Cate."
Me: "Yep. There's Anna Cate again."
Me: *finishes pictures and logs off facebook. Hibernates computer.*
Me: "Sorry but she had to go bye bye."
Bug: *cries mountains of tears.*

3. Five minutes ago....
Bug: "I need!!!!!!!"
Me: "What do you need?"
Bug: "I need!!!!!!!"
Me: "Ok, but what do you need? Show Mommy."
Bug: "I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!"
Me: *gets up and goes to where she is pointing*
Bug: "I need."
Me: *holds up Foofa doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Minnie doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Tootie doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Wubzie doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Katie Baby* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *frustrated. sits back down*
Bug: "I neeeeeeeeeeeed."
Me: "Well if you neeeeeeeeed it so badly then get up and get it yourself."
Bug: *giggles a little too loudly*

4. Earlier this morning...
Bug: *hands me her cup* "I need."
Me: "Ok. Do you want some juice?"
Bug: "No. I need....."
Me: "Do you want milk?"
Bug: "JUICE!!!!"
Me: "Ok so you want some juice?"
Bug: "No. JUICE!!!!!!!! Juice."
Me: *fixes her juice anyway and hands her the cup.*
Bug: *claps for Mommy and smiles* "JUICE!!!"

Gotta love life with a toddler.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I lurve hair bows. I lurve my Bug. And I lurve LoveBugBabyBoutique.

We (she and I) shall be giving away this beautiful basic white bow. :) Also, a headband to go with it, plus a few extra goodies.

Don't have a girl? Don't worry...this would make a GREAT gift for a birthday, baby gift, or even Christmas.

How do you enter? Multiple ways.

  1. Go to LoveBugBabyBoutique and look through all her items in her shop. Then come back here and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite item is. This will get you one entry.
  2. Mention this giveaway in your Facebook status or Tweet about it and get two extra entries. If you are tweeting, remember to include @CarrieFriday so I'll know you tweeted it. If you put it on both, you'll get entries for both. YOU MUST LINK TO MY BLOG FOR IT TO COUNT!!!!
  3. Post this giveaway on your blog, and you'll get three extra entries, plus my friendship for life.
  4. Buy something from her shop and get FOUR extra entries. If you do this, be sure to include in the note to seller that you came from the giveaway or you know me or whatever so your purchase will be counted.
Now I know some of you are thinking you won't enter because you won't win. But you really could win. I'm making it so much easier for you to win this giveaway. So enter! Don't be shy.

Confused by how the entries work? Here's a scenario:

Let's pretend Katie Baby wants to enter this giveaway. So she goes to the shop, picks a bow, comes back and comments letting me know. That gets her 1 entry. Then, Katie Baby gets on facebook and updates her status saying, "I just entered Carrie's hair bow giveaway. Go to to enter too." She just got 2 more entries (for a total of 3). Then, Katie Baby tweets about it. That earns her 2 more entries (for a total of 5). Well, Katie Baby REALLY wants this bow so she mentions this giveaway on her blog to earn her 3 more entries (for a total of 8). If she bought something from the shop, she'd get 4 more entries making her entered into the giveaway a total of 12 times!!!!!!!!!!

Dude. Katie Baby would probably win with all those entries.


Also, if you have questions b/c I have confused you, just let me know. Also, if you update your facebook status, you should alert me in some way shape form or fashion so your entries will be counted. Also, if you blog about it, be sure to come back and tell me.

This giveaway will end on Friday, July 31st at noon o'clock EST. At that time, I will use Mr. Random Number Generator to choose our lucky winner. I will post who won and then the winner will give me a safe way to contact them so that I can get them their prize. :) And then we will all live happily ever after!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So...the 100 confessions won. By one vote. So.....I'm doing 100 confessions.

But...dun, dun, dun.....I'm also doing a hair bow giveaway. :) More on that later.

Go ahead. Go tinkle. Pop some popcorn. Fix you a big glass of sweet tea. You'll be here a while.

  1. I have been using Ansleigh's Dora toothpaste for about five days now. It's pink and sparkly.
  2. It tastes really good. Berry bubble gum flavored. You know you want some.
  3. I officially have bushman eyebrows now.
  4. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm on my 4th layer of toenail polish. Gross, I know.
  5. I tried to remove the toenail polish and spent 20 minutes trying to get it off of just one toe. I was unsuccessful.
  6. I may need to borrow a sander.
  7. I've been reading The Shack lately.
  8. But I stopped because I was having weird dreams about God.
  9. In fact I am kinda scared to pick the thing up again. You see...I'm not a big fan of the Weirdo Dream Monster.
  10. I wonder if he (Weirdo Dream Monster) is BFF with Satan. IDK. My BFF Jill.
  11. I thought I was all popular and famous due to the bloggity blog until Katie friend asked me who that "Winn person" is. I durnt feel so famous anymore.
  12. Precious make up lady was talking about how big I was when I was preggo and I instantly was offended even though she was right.
  13. While at Sister's shower, nobody told me that my Capri tights were uneven. As leg was a good 3inches shorter than the other. Thanks for letting me look retarded.
  14. Speaking of retarded. I asked Bow Baby if she was retarded NOT meaning anything by it. Oh. Did I mention both parents heard me? Oops. My mom popped me on the leg like I was three again. Geez. It was a mere slip of the tongue mother-lady.
  15. I'm probably going to get yelled at for linking to her facebook page. Wait for's coming.
  16. Right now I have burney-burney eye syndrome which really just means that I am sleepy.
  17. I have decided to redo our guest bedroom meaning to paint, rearrange the furniture, find new bedding, and get rid of a whole bunch of junk we don't need or ever use.
  18. I told Hubs that I had made a decision that he probably wasn't going to like (the redo). He thought I'd caved to the pressure and wanted to have another baby.
  19. Haha. Hahahahahahahahaha.
  20. Haha hahahahahahahahaha
  21. I had to use my Momma's bathroom scales to make sure my suitcase wasn't going to weigh too much. It didn't, but it was close.
  22. Speaking of my Momma, I think Winn likes her more than me. She made a bookmark after her. You can buy it here. Nobody loves me that much.
  23. I know someone who stopped giving her kid antibiotics after 3 days because the child wouldn't take it, even by force.
  24. That person may or may not be me.
  25. A girlfriend of mine was talking about my "skill set" and all I could think about was, "You know, like nun chuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills." Hahahahaha.
  26. Whoever thought it was an excellent idea to be awake at 6AM should be punched in the face. Why? Because it is not an excellent idea to be up that early. It is however an excellent idea to still be asleep at such an hour.
  27. I still have burney burney eye syndrome.
  28. I have discovered that when I'm in Alabama I get lazy with my speech and become WAY more southern sounding. Almost country.
  29. I think I do it on purpose. To blend in more.
  30. I decided to declare this week junk removal from our house week.
  31. That will probably last all of about 35 minutes. And then I'll decide to lay on the couch because, "It would be better to wait until an off-Friday weekend."
  32. I realized today that I forgot to clean my toilets before I left for Alabama. Do the math....that means they are a week grosser than they were. Guess that's on my "to do" list for tomorrow. Ick!
  33. STILL haven't seen Harry Potter yet. Waiting to go see it with Carrie Friend. But our lives are so busy we may never get to see it. And then...I shall cry mountainous tears.
  34. I think I've come up with a genius idea.
  35. You know those Biore pore strip thingys. They should make those for your back. And then people wouldn't have gross blackheads on their back.
  36. By the way, notice I said "people" and not "me" because I would NEVER admit that I have gross blackheads on my back. Or my face. Or my chin. Or my nose. And sometimes my forehead.
  37. My friend Jessica is engaged. She asked me to be in her wedding. As a bridesmaid. Which is cool and all. NOW I MUST GO ON A DIET AND STARVE MYSELF. And become a gym rat. Could someone give me lessons on both of those things?
  38. Anthony and I usually go through a gallon of sweet tea in about 24 hours (more or less).
  39. Maybe that's why I'm still a fatty. Probably won't help my starvation gym rat diet.
  40. I thought Ansleigh was starting to poop today so I carried her to the bathroom, stripped her, sat her on her pink potty, and thought magic would happen.
  41. It didn't. She got up and thought it was time to take a bath and tried to climb into the tub.
  42. I deleted Jon & Kate: Plus 8 from our shows to record today. I'm done with them. Except by them, I mean him. Scumbag.
  43. I'm still praying for Kate and the kiddos, but he's just a scumbag and I am having difficulty praying for him. Scumbag. With two girlfriends. 10 years younger than him. Did I mention he's a scumbag?
  44. As much as I like to say I'm done with them, I can't seem to make myself stop clicking on links about them and what they are doing. I'm so nosy.
  45. I guess I still have my Alabama voice and not my Melbourne voice because a girl stopped me at Panchero's to tell me she liked my accent.
  46. Katie friend gave Bow Baby a baby doll at my sister's shower. Ansleigh named the doll "Katie Baby" (well her language it was more like "kay bay"). I put a bow in Katie Baby's hair. I guess she can be Bow Baby Jr.
  47. My name is Carrie. And I have a problem. I like to buy hair bows.
  48. I *might* have bought Ansleigh 4 more while we were in Anniston. Maybe. Possibly.
  49. Ok...I did. Like I said, my name is Carrie and I have a hair bow problem.
  50. Katie Baby looks awesome with her big blue hair bow in though. Trust me.
  51. Now if I could just find her the baby doll Kelly's Kids clothing to match one of Ansleigh's outfits....then we'd be in business.
  52. The business of spending my husband's money.
  53. I can actually be quite excellent at that business. Maybe that's one of my skills.
  54. Skills....hahahahaha. "EAT THE FOOD!"
  55. Some of you are wondering what I'm quoting. Not gonna tell.
  56. Winn friend and Kearsie friend have Edward Cullen dolls. They talk about them all the time. What they didn't tell you is that I, too have an Edward Cullen doll. He doesn't wear hair bows though. I mean....he's Edward Cullen.
  57. Edward Cullen doll is still in his package so I suppose he's suffocating. Except not. Vampires don't need to breathe. Admit it, you were worried there for a second.
  58. Part of the reason why he's still in the package is because I don't want Bow Baby to tear him up. Or try to make him fit into her Little People bulldozer. He'd break one of her favorite toys with all his vampire man strength. Then she'd cry....again.
  59. I seriously considered pulling the old "one, two, skip-a-few, 99, 100" thing on ya'll. But I've committed now.
  60. I just thought about how torturous it would be to read all this if it were someone else's blog.
  61. I sat down with Anthony and explained to him what Lolli and Pop Claus (my parents) are getting Ansleigh for Christmas. Then I explained to him what we are buying her for Christmas. And what "Santa" is giving her for Christmas. I also told him what we'd suggest for others to buy IF and only if we are asked.
  62. Yes, I know it is July. In September we will buy her presents. October/Early November will be everyone else's.
  63. We are not buying her a birthday present as we are taking her to Disney for her big day. :)
  64. I know I have a problem....OCD. But you see...I'm a planner. I need to have a plan. I cannot function without one.
  65. Speaking of a plan, I interviewed for a job to be a Varsity cheerleader coach at a new high school. Got the job. I also interviewed for a teaching position. Waited and waited and waited to find out. Started planning for the fall. Where I'd put Ansleigh. How I'd keep the house clean. Thought about some ideas for lesson plans. Found out I didn't get the job as there are still people in the county under contract that have to be placed.
  66. I thought I'd be relieved because I wasn't comfortable leaving Ansleigh in the hands of people I didn't know.
  67. Turns out I'm bummed. No salary this year. No minivan in my near future. No contributing to society in a way other than sitting in my house with my child. Also, I kind of felt rejected, which I'm not really used to and I don't like it.
  68. It's a LOT harder than I thought it would be to come up with a hundred of these blasted things.
  69. I mean...I've been working on these a little here and a little there since Sunday night. Gosh.
  70. I just turned Dora off because Ansleigh wouldn't get a diaper. I'm a mean momma.
  71. Then I laughed at her because she still wouldn't do it. She had a dance party instead. I told you, I'm a mean momma.
  72. Katie Baby has on a yellow hairbow today. Ansleigh picked it out for her. :) I have created a monster.
  73. Whenever I'm trying really hard not to spend money (you now), I always really struggle with it. However, if I'm not really trying and not so concerned with it, I don't spend as much. Why is that?
  74. I let Ansleigh have chocolate chip cookie cake for lunch today. I figure you gotta live a little every now and then.
  75. I didn't clean the toilets today. I thought about it though. Does that count?
  76. I did some cleaning out in the guest room though and that makes me feel a little better about myself.
  77. Right now, I'm working on this at 2:24 am because I took a nap today and now I cannot sleep.
  78. Occasionally, when I can't sleep, I'll go out to the living room and play on the computer. Last time I did that I learned my lesson.
  79. If I let the husband spend time alone in the bed...asleep. I shall not return to my 3/4ths that I usually have. He spreads out. And then I don't even get half. Which is completely unacceptable.
  80. Tonight, I went and got my laptop and brought it into the bedroom. I am blogging from the 3/4ths so that he doesn't get too comfy and spread out.
  81. You think I'm mean. You think I'm a bed hog. I'm not....mostly. He likes it this way. He sleeps better crowded. :) Just ask him.
  82. I finished reading The Shack. Maybe that's why I can't sleep.
  83. By the way, it is not scary at all. It just caused me to have weird dreams (as I have a vivid imagination) so I stopped reading it. But I finished it. About an hour ago.
  84. At this point in 1984 I wasn't even a year old yet. Does that make you feel old?
  85. I have a scar in between my eyes from crawling into the corner of my daddy's gun cabinet. Or maybe I fell. Either way, my momma thought I poked my eye out. Turns out, I didn't.
  86. But I did fall again right after I got the first set of stitches out. Because I'm cool like that.
  87. When I was in Kindergarten, I got the chicken pox. At Christmas. And lost my two front teeth. Best Christmas pictures ever. Except not. I look like a dotted little monster with frizzy hair in a red sweat suit with a reindeer painted on it.
  88. The scars on my forehead are from the chicken pox. That I caught from my sister. I guess I could blame her for not having flawless skin. ;)
  89. In 1989 I was in my first beauty pageant. I won. I can you resist a kid with curly blonde pig tails and an appliqued Kelly's Kids jumper?
  90. I did pageants all through high school. But just the school ones because I was entirely too busy to do bigger ones. I cheered, played basketball, softball, was editor of the school paper and 10 million other things.
  91. I was so busy in high school that when I first started college, I didn't know what to do with my time. So I watched Dirty Dancing over and over again. And then it changed to You've Got Mail.
  92. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seriously, why did you people vote for this? You must be exhausted by now.
  93. I hate The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. What a STUPID idea for a TV show. Most of the people only go on there to become popular. And why would you be OK with dating someone that 20 other people are dating? That goes against my standards. And it should go against theirs too.
  94. My mom and my sister both love those shows. I've probably just offended them. Oops.
  95. Guess what? I hate American Idol too. They drag it out too much and make it too dramatic.
  96. I thought about going walking/jogging tonight. But then I realized I'd get hot...and sweat. Then I'd need another shower. So I watched a movie with Hubs instead.
  97. I've been coming up with some really good concepts for blog posts lately and haven't been able to do anything about it because I've been working on these blasted 100 confessions to post for my 100th post.
  98. I DVR'd Wednesday's So You Think You Can Dance because Ellen was a judge on it. I follow her on Twitter cuz she's funny.
  99. I've been known to use the tweezers to pull my leg hairs out. Not all of them. Just the stray ones that I've missed. I'm sure that makes me gross and weird. Whatevs.
  100. I can currently hear the Hallelujah Chorus playing in my head as I am now FINISHED!!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Confessions from A-la-bam-uh

  1. Last night I waited for two hours to get into the bathroom to take a shower. Sister was in there taking a nice long relaxing bath.
  2. I love her but I do not miss those teen days of waiting/fighting for the shower.
  3. What I do miss is the husband. He lets me go first. Always. And he keeps my feet warm in the bed.
  4. Also, I miss the laminating machine.
  5. I'm convinced the sign on my forehead is still there. I've been asked 4 times this week when I'm going to have another baby.
  6. The PEDIATRICIAN asked. He obviously does not read my blog.
  7. The Auburn friend asked. She obviously does not read my blog either. But I don't blame her. She just had a baby 3 weeks ago. Although really, that post was way before that so she should have read it. I'm just saying :)
  8. The hair stylist asked.
  9. The make-up lady asked.
  10. I was tempted to beat a lady up this week. No, not the ones that asked me if I'm going to have another baby. A lady at the zoo. She used her kid to knock my kid down THREE times to see the giraffes. Woman. You're old. You've seen them before.
  11. Don't worry. I restrained myself. Good thing too...she was feisty.
  12. I'm concerned that I may be losing some of my southern-ness. Yesterday someone didn't hesitate to think I'm from Florida.
  13. I still haven't seen the newest Harry Potter's been two whole days. I'm suffering on the inside.
  14. Throughout the week, usually at night or when I'm in the shower, I come up with lists of these confessions to type.
  15. Which is embarrassing enough. But then when it comes time to write these, I forget the ones I already came up with. Idiot.
  16. I've been spending too much time reading Twitter lately because I'm starting to type things out to people with @ and someones user name. Even though I'm not on Twitter at the time.
  17. Also, lots of those people aren't even on Twitter. So they don't have user names.
  18. If you saw my hair right now, you'd be embarrassed for me. It's scandalous. I went to bed with it wet last night. In fact, I do that almost every night. Which is why my hair is almost always in a pony tail.
  19. I called the husband a name this week. Wanna know what it was? Scankosaurus Rex. Yes. I said that. Out loud. And now I'm admitting it. On the internets. Wow I'm so cool. Except...not.
  20. We need to leave here in less than 30 minutes and I'm still in my jammies. Haven't brushed my teeth. Or my hair. Shows you where my priorities are. Blogging is more important than looking like a scank. In public. Where people can see me. That's real lurve for your people.
Have an amazing weekend!!!! Don't forget to vote for what you want for post #100 as this is #99.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wee-Hour Ponderings...

For some reason, often, late at night my thoughts consume me. I guess you could say that that particular time of day is when my brain enters writer mode.

Tonight, I can’t seem to sleep for various reasons. But one of them is because my heart has been burdened with the idea of what friendship really is. Not your basic definition of friendship, but more of the way the relationships work and how people view them differently.

You seeI’m a friends kind of person. My friends mean the world to me. They always have. I often will choose my friends over family, if that makes sense. My friends have always been important to me and when I have good friends in my life that is when I seem to thrive. But not everyone is like that. I know people who prefer boyfriends, or immediate family. People who aren’t quite as invested in friendships as I am because it isn’t as important to them. I have a difficult time understanding the way those people work because my friends mean SO much to me.

I have gone through phases of friendship in my life. Two of my friends I’ve been friends with since elementary school. We love each other I dare say more than sisters. It is a comfortable friendship. All secrets are exposed. There isn’t any of the tip-toeing around things. We are blunt and honest with each other. We can go months without talking and then, when we do, everything is as it has always been. In high school we were really close. Inseparable. I was astonished at how these relationships somehow maintained themselves through college, even though we were in different places and going through different things in our lives. We just fit. I chalked it up to “forever friendship.” Even after graduation and getting jobs, we were still close and made sure we saw each other whenever possible. But since Hubs and I moved so far away, things are a little different.

In college I made friends with an AMAZING group of girls. We were all in a freshman Bible study group together. Our freshman year of college was rocky for all of us with adjusting from high school to college, and break-ups, and even major family deaths. We formed a bond that I honestly think will be there forever. Our relationships were based on Christ and just good old fashioned girl fun. We had sleepovers. Dinner nights. Weekend movie-thons. The thing that interested me the most about this relationship is that as we got older, we all changed, yet somehow, stayed together. Some of us met our husbands; we all worked toward graduation with different goals. We were involved in different churches. I guess you could say we were just developing as people. All but three of us are married now (and might I add those three are having the times of their lives). Three of us have kids, one of us is expecting, one trying. We all live in different cities. Birmingham, Decatur, Auburn, Kentucky, Florida. We’re all over the place and we have all really changed from who we were when we first met. Yet somehowstill friends. Still making best efforts to get together whenever possible and to keep up with each other.

When I entered the workplace, Hubs and I were at a weird place in our lives. We were newlyweds. He was still in school (grad school). I was working. We lived in our comfortable little college town. I made some close friends that I worked with. One friend, I’d had most of my college classes with, and another, I don’t know how our paths never crossed while in school. The third was a sweet angel sent to us from Dothan. We bonded. We ate dinner together every Monday night. We kind of turned into a teacher clique. It was fun. It made the long hours bearable. And thenwe moved. And they went on without me.

When we got to Florida, I was clinging to my old life. I called my teacher friends and some of my college friends, and even the high school girls. We texted. I longed to be lesson-planning with them. And then I got involved in a Mom’s group with a local church.

Over the past two years, the friends I have made from that Mom’s group have changed my life. But I’ve noticed that I’m back to being in friend-driven mode. And though we don’t try to be, I wonder if from the outside we look like a mommy clique. We support each other. We laugh. We have really stupid inside jokes.

I tell you all this because I’m wondering how these relationships translate in the grand scheme of things. I have no doubt that God placed these people in my life at those times because we needed each other. But I wondercan you really be “forever friends?” Does distance really change friendships? At what point do you get so exhausted in maintaining these friendships do you just give up? Is that why “those other people” cling to family and spouses only so that they don’t have to hop from friendship phase to friendship phase?

I was thinking about how right now, my friends here have taken over that best friend slot. I LOVE them. More than I can tell you. But then I started wondering about what would happen if we ever move from here. Will we still be friends? Will they come visit? Will we come visit? Will I have to start all over AGAIN with new friends who don’t understand me and know how quirky and weird I am?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, and while I know that God will work it out, I guess I’ll just try to enjoy what I’ve got while I’ve got it. I love my friendsALL my friends and hopefully, they know it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

We Need to Chat...

We do. We need to have a sit down, blogger to blog reader conversation. About how I am steadily approaching my 100th post. [Don't pee your pants, it hasn't happened yet]

In honor of this super awesome event, I want do do something special. I've come up with a few ideas. Giveaways? Lots of things about me you probably don't want to know? A blog in real life.

Here's the thing. It's up to you to decide what happens. You see...there's a poll. Right above this (well ok, not if you are reading this from facebook or an RSS feed). You need to go to the poll. You need to vote. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

And also, this will reassure me that people actually read this stuff and are still interested. Go vote! Tell your friends to vote. Also, tell them to read and follow my blog. Also, get your granny on the computer and help her vote too. Wait. She might think I'm weird. Ok...scratch granny. Anyway, go to the real live blog ( and vote!!!!!!!!!

That's what Americans do, you know.

Friday with a Friday

Yep. That's right. It's time for Friday Confessions again. Woot woot. Please, try to contain your excitement.

  1. Facebook. Does it make me uber cool or an uber dork that I've been on there since BEFORE we got married. Like...2004.
  2. I'm reminded of that fact every time I log on and it is suggesting a friend that recently joined facebook and I think..."What freakin took you so long?"
  3. Let's talk about that friend suggestion thing....Me's not a fan. I wish I could give it the thumbs down.
  4. "You and Joe Smith both went to Auburn." SO DID THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE. Doesn't mean I know him. Or ever heard of him. Or want to be his friend.
  5. Also, I really love it when it suggests I be friends with someone who went to my high school. Especially when that person graduated in the early 60' know...when my parents were barely in elementary school. Oh, oh, even better...when it suggests someone who currently goes there. Someone who thinks they are way cool because they are on facebook and they are in the 7th grade. HOW IN HEAVEN'S NAME AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEM????
  6. Also, the friend suggester really makes it difficult to delete someone. You do it. An hour later you have a friend request from deleted person because Mr. Suggester suggested you to them and they thought, "I thought I was friends with her. Oh well. Better friend her."
  7. I often have conversations with friends and they mention something someone posted on facebook and my response is, "I didn't see that!!!!" And they say, "It was in my news feed."
  8. I finally figured out why they saw it and I didn't. I have over 600 friends and so it takes me HOURS to go through the entire day of the news feed. I'm not sayin' I don't spend hours reading it....because I do, but still....
  9. If you read this, you should be my friend on facebook. Then we could claim we are friends.
  10. Let's move on. To Twitter.
  11. Turns out...I'm a bad "tweeter" or Twitter user. Why you ask? Because I use it to update my facebook status and keep up with my trashy celebrity gossip.
  12. Almost everyday Hubs and I have a conversation where he asks if I saw so-in-so's tweet and I say no. Then he says, "What do you even use it for???" Haha. Celebrity gossip. That's what.
  13. I was up before Bow Baby today. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that.
  14. I've decided my mirror is a LIAR because when I look in it, I don't look as chubby. And then I see a picture of myself.
  15. Also, I look way more tan in my mirror. I like that. I like my tan. And yes, I know it's bad to be tan b/c I'll get cancer and whatever.
  16. I did it the safe way...with SPF 70. So I don't feel guilty.
  17. I just realized there are 17 of these. Sorry. That's kind of a lot.
Have a good weekend!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Apology and An Admisson

The Apology:

Last night, I was browsing through recent posts and re-read my swimsuit post. I cannot believe I posted that. I mean...I know I was thinking all those things, but honestly, it's hateful. And mean. EVERY woman has some kind of body issue, be it her weight, or her thighs, or her nose. Something. Women worry about what other people are thinking, either out loud (like me) or quietly to themselves. And no wonder they/we do. Because there are people like me out there judging us and then posting a blog about it.

Even if everything I posted was true and written in an attempt to be funny about what I was seeing, I shouldn't have posted it. I'm human. I think ugly thoughts about people, even though I shouldn't. I apologize to you, my readers, for letting you see the hateful side of me. Please forgive me and PLEASE don't let what I said make you more self-conscious.

One last thing though....please just do me a favor--don't go parading around on the beach mostly naked, no matter how good you look. Oh and one more...cover up your boobies. If not for your self-respect, for your husband's. They are his to look at, not everyone else's, no matter what society says.

Having said that, I have deleted the post in hopes that no one else will see what I wrote. Again, I apologize.


The Admission:

I am a dork. I am. I do dorky things like buy souvenir shirts on vacation. And wear them.

I overplan. I clean up toys as soon as Bow Baby stops playing with it, causing myself to spend entire days doing nothing but cleaning up toys. Or maybe that's because I'm compulsive.

I was dorky in elementary school. I was dorky in middle school. And while I did a relatively good job of hiding it, I was dorky in high school too.

I don't drink. I don't partay. I don't smoke. I wasn't in a sorority. I don't cuss, except for in my head and usually not on purpose.

I like to sit at home and watch shows aimed at the teenage girl crowd. I get excited about stupid things.

Often, I talk like a gangsta (with a southern accent, of course) to my husband, because it is fun. I do the running-man to New Kids on the Block music...that I STILL listen to.

I'm dorky. I know it. And I'm okay with that. You know why? Because that's who I am. That's who God made me and God doesn't make mistakes. The world may see me as dorky, but I have friends and family that love me just the same...and they know I'm dorky.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I've Been Impressed

If you know me, you know that I'm picky, controlling, anal, and

Recently I had the task of ordering baby shower invitations for my sister's shower. I wanted REALLY cute ones. I also wanted them to kind of match the shower colors/Tyler's room. Also, I didn't want to pay an arm and leg for each one.

So....I searched. And searched. And searched some more.

Maybe two years ago, a great friend of mine sent me a link to this stationary company. I looked. They had cute stuff. I filed it away in my bookmarks and moved on. Well, upon my recent searching, I came across it again.

Inviting You Designs. That's who they are. Or you can just call them the Pimp Masters of the Stationary World.

You see, they have AMAZINGLY cute stuff. And it's cheap. Really cheap. And high quality. And did I mention that it's cheap?

Don't believe me?

While I was searching for invitations, the cheapest price I could find was around $1.50 PER invitation and some of them I would have to print on my own. That's cool and all if you only need to buy 10. I needed 115. My new favorites sold me my invites for $1 per invite, printed, with a peel-n-stick envelope. Oh and printed them and had them to me in just a little over week. And they are in Birmingham. I'm in Florida. Be impressed.

Now if I were myself, reading this on someone else's blog, I'd be thinking, "They probably aren't really that cute." But they are. See?

You know you like it. Don't lie.

And the awesome thing is that they do all kinds of amazing stuff....address labels, note cards, Christmas cards, notepads, labels, etc.

And they can make you all that stuff and make it all matchy-matchy, which you know I kind of love.

Why am I endorsing them? Because they are amazing. And they impressed me....which is hard to do. And also, because they used to be teachers (CONNECTION) who wanted to stay at home with their babies (CONNECTION) and they are all artsy-fartsy like me. Plus, they're southern, and let's just be real...I love me some southern people. So go look. BUY.

LOVE THEM....and tell your friends.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Confessions from the Beach

  • Actually, I'm not confessing from the beach. It's more like...confessing from across the street from the beach, in a tower, on the 9th floor, sitting on a cushy couch, watching Yo Gabba Gabba.
  • "Don't. Don't. Don't bite your friends."
  • I'm a pretty observant person. This week I've observed a few things I kind of wish I hadn't observed.
  • For instance...200 lb. girl in a string bikini. Wow.
  • It took all I had in me to not go ask her, "Did you not have a mirror????" And then I I'm mean. Hateful. So I kept my mouth shut and tried to avert my eyes.
  • Yesterday, while we were at the hot pools, which shouldn't have been hot, I saw a lady walk up with her hubs and two kids and the only thing I could think was, "Those are not mommy boobies."
  • If you'd seen her, you'd agree. They were not mushy. Or lumpy. Or trying their dangedest to cling to her belly button.
  • In fact, they were kissing her chin. And looked like inflated balloon boobies. She'd had work done.
  • Now you're thinking that I must have studied her for an hour. Except I didn't. I noticed all that in about ten seconds.
  • I've been using SPF 70 sunscreen all week to avoid being sunburned.
  • Usually I'm stupid and don't put any sunscreen spend the ENTIRE day at the beach. And then I wonder why I have a mild case of sun poisoning. Idiot.
  • It's been working as I have nare a burn. But I think my skin is revolting and trying to make me feel like I'm burned.
  • "There are eyes on my face, eyes on my face. Nose on my face, nose on my face. Mouth on my face, mouth on my face...."
  • I stole a baby pool earlier this week.
  • No seriously. Straight up snatched it off the beach. Someone had left it there. All by it's lonesome. And the Portofino staff people were going to throw it away. I asked. Then....I took it.
  • Also, I have turned my child into a shoe and bow monster. This could cost us a lot of moolah in the future.
  • Yesterday, I paid $10.75 for two smoothies. Two small smoothies. That were just fruit and ice. No yogurt. No combos of fruit.
  • That's resort life for you.
My computer is burning my legs now. I must leave you. To put on my swimmy. And go sun myself some more.