Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ok so you may or may not be interested in this. You also may not know what I'm talking about.

So brief explanation...At football games (high school) there are signs all around the field that say things such as "Beat _______ Team" or "Touchdown" or whatever. Back in the day....when I was a cheerleader, we always had AWESOME signs.

So is my turn to teach my cheerleaders the art of sign making. Except we haven't had all summer to work on it.

Oh...and I'm still stealing paper from teacher's workroom :)

I've been trying to come up with some somewhat clever ones. But mostly, what I come up with is stupid stuff like "Poinciana smells like POO." A smidge inappropriate and immature? Maybe so.

The thing is...the kids haven't helped too much, mostly because I don't think they understand what I'm talking about.

For our first game we need about 30 (so my AD says). This is what I have come up with:
  1. Begin with a Win
  2. Panthers on the Prowl
  3. Eagles taste like chicken
  4. Capture the eagles
  5. beat em black and blue
  6. we will rock you
  7. make em see stars
  8. Ruffle their feathers
  9. Exterminate the Eagles
  10. Pound Poinciana
  11. Hang em' Heritage
  12. Fight Tonight
Yeah...that's it.

Oh and did I mention we have 10 games I've gotta do this for??? :) Exciting, truly it is, but I feel pressured...haha.

Anybody got any suggestions other than ones that mention poo?

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Day Late...or really just 30 minutes

  • I haven't been too motivated to write lately....
  • Or really had much time since I've been using my spare time watching all 5 seasons of LOST in two weeks.
  • That last one...that's a fact. Seriously. We're CRAaaaaaaaZzzzah.
  • Today I've watched Wizards of Waverly Place and right now we're watching iCarly. Yeah...I'm 25.
  • 25 going on 16
  • We went outside (just a few minutes ago) to watch the shuttle launch and in the few minutes I was outside, I was attacked by 749,384,238 ants. Or extremely low-flying mosquitoes.
  • THE ITCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Worst's all on my feet.
  • Did I mention the itching???? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  • Also, I'm really LOVING coaching my cheerleaders. Except when they didn't look so hot in front of the band the other day. And then I was embarrassed. So I yelled at them. Erm...
  • I'm wondering HOW we are going to get all the signs made for the first game. We only have two practices this week, a volleyball game to cheer at, and the football scrimmage game. Oh and some of them have to meet with the band at some point. And that's just THIS week. At least we have two weeks.
  • Maybe I should have mentioned that we have the paint kit but are missing the big ink pads (don't ask, just know they are essential) AND we currently have no paper.
  • I'm stealing some from the teacher's workroom each day I'm there.....BAHAHAHAHA.
  • I wonder how long before they catch on to me?
  • Today...I was thinking about what I would have done with the money if I was a Disney Channel star when I was in high school.
  • I probably would have bought lots of hot pink stuff and zebra printed stuff.
  • Then I was thinking about what I'd do with the money if I were a Disney Channel star now (don't be fooled...some of those "kids" are my age or older).
  • I'd probably go ahead and secure a spot at Auburn for the Bug. Buy a minivan. And maybe buy her some more hairbows. :) I'd let Anthony have a cool car too.
  • Hannah Montana is probably the only show I could be know...because of my "Southern Drawl." the words of Ansleigh, "nigh nigh"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't Hate Me....

So...erm...I've been a smidge MIA lately. Because is starting and cheerleading was starting and now I'm working those girls hard. And because we've recently become addicted to LOST. Ugh.'s Friday and I have a few spare moments so....

  1. Turns out that coaching is 60% paper work and 40% coaching. least in the beginning.
  2. 20 cheerleaders = a big squad
  3. I might as well be a profession beggar because it seems like all I'm doing lately is begging people for money for the school or for the kids.
  4. Anyone want to donate money to the cheerleaders?
  5. Or sponsor one of them?
  6. Or buy an ad in the football program?
  8. See....this is my life now.
  9. I've been having dreams that these kids didn't pay me for their stuff and it's the first ball game and I'm holding their shoes hostage.
  10. Also, I have dreams about Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Locke.
  11. Stupid LOST!!!! It's like crack really.
  12. I haven't seen my Winn friend in so long, I think she forgot what I look like.
  13. Spaghetti Dinner at HHS tonight for only $5!!!! Wanna come???
  14. Again....with the begging.
  15. As badly as I have been wanting a teaching position, I've figured out that to teach and start this cheer program, I'd have to have super powers.
  16. I'm not sure I'm ready to reveal any possible super powers to the world for fear of exploitation.
  17. Good thing I'm staying at home and coaching.
  18. .........
  19. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
  20. ...............
  21. Ooops...I fell asleep. That's how tired I am. Better go nap before the spaghetti dinner....that's only $5!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Friday...More Confessions

  • I've been spending most of my time at Heritage High this week.
  • If there had been a live web feed from the cafeteria, you would have seen me acting like an idiot annoying people to death trying to make them buy t-shirts.
  • I'm the kind of person who tends to have a difficult time saying no. Which probably explains why I was selling t-shirts when my real purpose there was to have sign-ups for cheerleader tryouts.
  • There was this one girl...I was listening to her mom talk to the dean. They were discussing how the girl had been arrested for fighting, but not charged. She proceeded to come on over to my table to sign up and all I could think was, "PLEASE KEEP WALKING."
  • Hubs and I just started watching this cartoon called Avatar:The Last Airbender...or something like that. It is pretty awesome. Seriously.
  • We just started watching Lost. Season 1, episode 1. And by "just" I mean literally about 10 minutes ago. This is EXACTLY what we know, to add one more tv show to our already extremely long list of shows we're addicted to.
  • I've had a headache for over 24 hours now. Not just a "I can tolerate this" kind of headache but the kind that makes you want to puke and the sweet sound of your almost two-year-old screaming isn't quite as sweet as it normally is.
  • I have a new favorite ice cream. Cotton Candy Explosion from Brewster's. It is slap-yo-momma good. Except I would never slap my momma. She'd get mad.
  • In the tiny bit of spare time I've had this week, I went to visit Nessa friend at her new house. She's a good time. So are her front-rollin' two girls.
  • I also have put some more of our useless junk on Craig's List. I must say, I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of wads of cash in my hands while people take away crap we don't need.
  • Pretty much, the only thing I've figured out about this show is that a plane crashed and ol' dude is a doctor.
  • I really wish they'd stop screaming as that doesn't help my headache. Nor does the plane falling down noises or the monster noises. Oh, oh, oh! Dude from Heroes just got snatched. Ok...officially deeming this show weird. Must go watch and figure out why the world is so obsessed.
Have a great weekend!