Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Friday...More Confessions

  • I've been spending most of my time at Heritage High this week.
  • If there had been a live web feed from the cafeteria, you would have seen me acting like an idiot annoying people to death trying to make them buy t-shirts.
  • I'm the kind of person who tends to have a difficult time saying no. Which probably explains why I was selling t-shirts when my real purpose there was to have sign-ups for cheerleader tryouts.
  • There was this one girl...I was listening to her mom talk to the dean. They were discussing how the girl had been arrested for fighting, but not charged. She proceeded to come on over to my table to sign up and all I could think was, "PLEASE KEEP WALKING."
  • Hubs and I just started watching this cartoon called Avatar:The Last Airbender...or something like that. It is pretty awesome. Seriously.
  • We just started watching Lost. Season 1, episode 1. And by "just" I mean literally about 10 minutes ago. This is EXACTLY what we know, to add one more tv show to our already extremely long list of shows we're addicted to.
  • I've had a headache for over 24 hours now. Not just a "I can tolerate this" kind of headache but the kind that makes you want to puke and the sweet sound of your almost two-year-old screaming isn't quite as sweet as it normally is.
  • I have a new favorite ice cream. Cotton Candy Explosion from Brewster's. It is slap-yo-momma good. Except I would never slap my momma. She'd get mad.
  • In the tiny bit of spare time I've had this week, I went to visit Nessa friend at her new house. She's a good time. So are her front-rollin' two girls.
  • I also have put some more of our useless junk on Craig's List. I must say, I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of wads of cash in my hands while people take away crap we don't need.
  • Pretty much, the only thing I've figured out about this show is that a plane crashed and ol' dude is a doctor.
  • I really wish they'd stop screaming as that doesn't help my headache. Nor does the plane falling down noises or the monster noises. Oh, oh, oh! Dude from Heroes just got snatched. Ok...officially deeming this show weird. Must go watch and figure out why the world is so obsessed.
Have a great weekend!

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Insanity Kim said...

Lost will take you on a roller coaster of lostness...

Instead just add the cartoon, World of Quest to your viewing repertoire and I bet your headache will go away!