Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Confessions

  • Technically it is still Friday....11:21 p.m. so I can still call these that.
  • I'm taking a break from wrapping 5 gillion Christmas presents.
  • Most of them are pictures of Ansleigh...framed....wrapped in a box....with pretty paper....and sparkly, glittery, bows.
  • Which means my floor is covered in red and green glitter. No stress...I've always wanted sparkly carpet so we're good.
  • I'm also jamming out to Taylor Swift Christmas music while Anthony plays Modern Warfare 2. That's man-speak for "blowing stuff up."
  • I lowered my calorie intake (as it had me at 1500 a day!!!). I started a week ago Tuesday so I've been doing it about a week and a half.
  • I've lost three pounds. SWEET, SWEET, VICTORY!!!!
  • That also means that I couldn't let myself buy the giant vat of popcorn last night at New Moon just to get the New Moon bucket. :(
  • Sweet Carrie friend gave me hers :)
  • I did get my sweet, sweet Jacob cup though. All is well with the world.
  • Yesterday I painted my toenails this WICKED awesome shade of metallic brown with a hint of red. Hubs said it was "kind of Emo." HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • Taylor's dreaming of a white Christmas. Did you know that?
  • I'm just dreaming of a COLD in, not 85 and sunny.
  • Rarely ever do I care which teeny-bopper celebrity is dating the other teeny-bopper celebrity but I get a little giddy every time I think about the fact that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are dating. So sweet for them!!!!
  • I'm lame. I know.
  • I'm pretty sure I used my monthly quota of text messages all last night while at the movies.
  • Oops. Sorry hunny!
  • In less than four days I'll be in Alabama, which I am totally stoaked about. I'm trying (and have been all week) to refrain from keeping our suitcase out packed. At least until it is a reasonable time to do so.
  • Ansleigh's been packed for about 3 weeks. Erm.
  • My doctor's office was supposed to call in my "special" travel medicine today and didn't. The guy working the pharmacy just gave me the prescription anyway, called it an "emergency script" and didn't even charge me for it. I wonder if it was all my southern charm that had him under the influence? Or maybe he was just bored.
  • Ok. Two more presents to wrap tonight. Must. Go. Do. That.

Have a great weekend!!!! Go see New Moon!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Latest Rant

First of all, let me state that I am a FIRM believer that everyone has a right to their own opinion and it certainly does not need to be the same as mine.

Having said that...

This all started last night when a very dear friend of mine from high school posted the following as his facebook status:

Far be it for me to criticize the latest teenage-vampire-sex drama soon to appear at the local cinema, but even more ridiculous than this craze is the real life actions of the actors that star in the movie. It's bad enough they are all pot-smokers and goofy emo-types( parents, yall ok with that?) but everytime I see the guy that plays the main character, eddie or whatever you call it, I can't help but crack up.

The new "sexiest man in the world" always seems to have a pasty white complection, bed hair and pillow wrinkles, and always looks at a camera like he just cleaned out a bug-zapper.

This guy knows he is just an actor, not a REAL vampire, right? I think he's getting too carried away with his fame.


Now you know I love me some Twilight. But again, he is perfectly entitled to feel this way. What irritates me is that all of this information is based on a stereotype that he's seen somewhere. His status indicates that he has not read the book (doesn't even know the characters names) WHICH IS FINE, but as a trained writer, it bothers me when people make statements without the facts or research to back them up. There is no knowledge of Robert Pattison or Kristen Stewart (including interviews) that seems to be a resource in this statement. Also, there is no sex in Twilight or New Moon, he can't prove the actors are pot heads, and RPat is pasty because he's from Britain.

Oh well. I suggested that he look into it a little more and he might have a different opinion. If he doesn't, that's least he'll be informed. I was fine. Completely fine. Until someone else posted this:

I love it when i talk bad about it in restaurants and 13 year olds turn around and give me dirty looks. And where in the world are the christian Harry Potter Haters of the world. Why arent they raising up mobs in the streets over this series. I guess i missed the part in revelation about vampires being in the new world. or should i moon.

Really??? REALLY???

IT IS FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fiction. Fiction about mythical creatures. So is Harry Potter. So is The Chronicles of Narnia (that Christians revere). in NOT REAL.

Now I'll be the first to admit that people have gotten carried away with Twilight. But still, why in the world would Christians raise up mobs over Harry Potter or Twilight? It isn't real and 90% of the people that read it know that.

The only biblical problem I can see would come in where someone is replacing Twilight (or Harry Potter) for their Christianity, daily quiet time, etc.

No, Vampires are not in Revelation. Neither are wizards. Or centaurs or any other mythical creatures. Guess what??? Hannah Montana, Facebook, and computers aren't biblical either!!!!! Does that mean we shouldn't use them?

I think no.

As Christians, we are called to be in the world, not of it. If we blatantly attack something when we have no knowledge of it, it is no different than being the soapbox preacher who stands on the corner screaming at people that they are going to burn in hell. That doesn't often lead people to Jesus. Will Twilight? Probably not.

But you know what, Harry Potter actually has some really deep things in it dealing with God, spirituality, and eternity if you know where to look. One of the best books I've read is Looking For God in Harry Potter.

And you know what else? Twilight has NOTHING to do with Jesus. Except for the fact that Jesus has everything to do with me, and I've read Twilight, and all the accompanying books. It leaves a lot of room for open debate about the afterlife. With the position that I'm in, I'm constantly around teenage girls (and some moms) who are obsessed with Twilight. On more than once occasion I've found myself having a conversation with someone about Edward Cullen and it lead to discussing eternity and what I know to be true. Was that me? No. It was God. Did God use Twilight to bring glory to Him? YES.

So, again, I don't see what the problem is.

And then, late last night I saw this. Idiot. Not because of her opinion, but because she says she doesn't believe in "it." Well the it she's referring to are the books and movie serious and she can believe in them or not but that doesn't stop them from existing. I'm sure she actually meant that she doesn't believe in vampires. Neither do I. IT IS FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geez.

In another article , she calls Twilight fans a cult. I guess from a celebrity point-of-view I can totally see that, but the Twilight following of CRAZY fans is no different than the following of her CRAZY Hannah Montana fans. Does she not believe in that either? She doesn't want anything to do with Twilight (even though one of her besties, Taylor Swift, is dating Taylor Lautner), because it isn't bringing her attention? Or maybe she really does have something against it. But then again, she states she hasn't read it or seen the movies so how does she know anything about it??? Especially if she won't even let her friends talk about it. Her fans are just as CRAZY but she doesn't have a problem with that because that "cult" brings her millions of dollars. Grrr....

Go ahead Miley, nod your head like know I'm making a valid point.

I guess it all just boils down to the fact that it irritates me when people take a stand against something that they don't know anything about. That's like a lawyer trying to prosecute someone without having ANY of the details of the case. Stupid. At least look into it before forming your opinion.

Y'all may not remember this, but the whole reason I started reading the books was because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. You can find my original opinion here.

Amazing...I looked into it, and THEN formed an opinion. You should do the same. If you aren't willing to, keep your mouth shut.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time make up for lost time...

  • Today I took a nap. I know, you're surprised, but really the reason was because I stayed up past 2 am working on Christmas projects.
  • I have this need to get things accomplished ahead of time. Every minute that passes by that I still have presents to buy/make, or things to get done for the holidays, I stress.
  • Same thing goes for Bug's birthday.
  • Instead of a party, we're going to take her to Magic Kingdom this year. I'm using her as an excuse to go to Disney and have a blast. Otherwise, we'd never go. Because we're losers.
  • To make up for the fact that I took a nap today, I put away clean dishes, washed dirty ones, cleaned both bathrooms, did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned out both the toy basket and the toy chest, cleaned the counters, and....yeah.
  • I brag on myself because usually I don't do anything except play with Ansleigh. Shh....don't tell.
  • To answer Joy's question, I'm running in a pink tutu because Winn says I am. And she made me one. And who doesn't want to be kind of prissy in a Princess Run at Disney?
  • Hey remember how I told you I was counting calories on precious, precious iphone? My goal was to lose 1lb a week. I've only done it for a week but I just weighed and I did lose a pound. A pound sounds stupid, but to me, it is VICTORY!!!
  • The LED lights on the tree are growing on me....slowly.
  • Also, my chin is a zit factory, just in case you were wondering.
  • I'm fighting the urge to go buy a couple of new shirts to wear when we go to Alabama next week.
  • I'm also peeing in my pants in excitement that we're going to Alabama next fall weather, changing trees, and all things southern.
  • And....this week is NEW MOON. That's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello Again!

So tonight I was at a friend's house watching the football game and I was chatting with a different friend I haven't seen in a while and she mentioned that I wasn't writing my blog anymore...and she looked disappointed. Which kind of made me feel like a super star and also like the world's biggest loser.

A couple of I don't know how many days ago a sweet friend commented on something on facebook and asked me if I was still writing my blog.


So...I'm writing my blog. For my loves.

Here's some randomness, just for you :)

  • I've been having trouble falling asleep. At first it was because I was too busy reading the Twilight series books on precious, precious iphone. Then, because I'd be soooooo tired the next day, when Bug took a nap, so did I. Which meant I'd have trouble going to sleep the next night. Idiot.
  • That was like....3 weeks ago. And here I am at 1 AM, not sleeping, writing my blog. But don't worry. I'm not reading Twilight. I'm reading Gossip Girl instead. Hahaha.
  • Don't play, you know you wish you could read cool teeny-booper books like me.
  • Also, we put up some of the inside Christmas decorations today. Part of me feels like I need to explain that I'm not completely cooky and the other part of me is thinking, "Pssh. At least I waited later than Halloween this year."
  • So I drug our tree out and turns out...most of the lights on it didn't work. It is a tree that already has the lights on it. Hubs sent me on a mission to buy a new one...with LED lights. UGLIEST LIGHTS EVER. Well...just the strands of the colored ones that I mixed in. The tree doesn't look ugly, it's just....different. And I don't do change well. Ever.
  • Two of my friends (a married couple) have lost about 80 pounds (combined) by just counting calories. Now I feel fat b/c they are getting smaller and I'm not. Also, I've started counting my calories too.
  • I'm using my precious, precious to do it. There's an app called Lose It. It's awesome. You put in your weight, height, age, and how much you want to lose and it calculates how many calories you can have a day and tells you when you'll meet your goal if you stick to it.
  • February 27. That's when I'm going to weigh 125 pounds again. Because that's when iphone says I will.
  • Also, I entered a 5K. Because I'm stupid. BUT...I'm running at Disney World. So that's kind of fun. Oh, and with a pink tutu on.
  • You're jealous, I know.
  • I'm seriously considering changing my name from "Mommy" to something really hard that Ansleigh can't say, like, Kheljekistan. Then she won't say my name 30,000 times in one day.
  • I got pulled over Friday night on my way home from the football game. Why you ask? Was I speeding? No. Did I run a red light? No. I HAD A TAILLIGHT OUT. Yes. I sat in my car, embarrassed, with flashing lights behind me, while several members of my cheer squad drove past. Lovely. Just lovely.
  • I'm REALLY hungry right now. I'd really like to have a bowl of Golden Grahams. Is it too early for breakfast? Hmmm...
  • All this time I could have spent writing my blog, I've been playing a game on facebook called Restaurant City. It' so fun. And dorky.
  • Me thinks I'm going to try and go sleep now.
Missed you all!!!

Leave me comments if you want me back!