Friday, July 25, 2008

5 and 5

Note: I saw this on Vanessa's mommy blog and felt like sharing!

5 Things I Dislike About Myself:

1. I am lazy more often than I am not. I don't do things that should/could be done not because I'm too busy, but really just because I simply would rather stay on the couch or in our bed.

2. I talk too much. Way too much. I monopolize conversations without meaning to. I'm not a good listener because I'm always thinking of what else I can say.

3. I'm a "nervous nellie." I let my nerves get the best of me. This stops me from doing a lot of things I would really enjoy if I weren't too nervous.

4. I spend too much of my "free" time on my computer. I could be cleaning the house, reading a good book, calling old friends, or even just watching tv. Instead, I sit and browse through all the baby clothes on ebay. Loser.

5. I'm terrible about calling people and even worse about calling people back!

5 Things I Like About Myself:

1. I like that I'm creative. I like being "that girl" that does all the artsy-fartsy stuff. I like being able to make things or decorate things for myself without spending a lot of money.

2. I like that I'm a cheerful person by nature--a natural born cheerleader if you will. It makes me excited and I enjoy seeing the excitement spread.

3. I love that I'm good with kids. Kids are drawn to me. I don't know why, but they are. I love them. If I were in a room with a large crowd of people of all mixed ages, I'd go talk to the kids and play with them. Sue me. They are fun.

4. I'm a shopper, but I know where the best deals are and very often, avoid spending more money that I would have.

5. I like to think that I make wise decisions regarding who I am friends with and who I will really trust with my heart. I'm picky about that. I'll talk to anybody, but I attach to only a few.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Winn's blog and stuff

So I just discovered my friend (I say she's my friend although we don't hang out...but I adore her so I like to think of her as my friend) Winn's blog today.

Wendi Winn

She cracks me up! She has a blog devoted to stuff she loves. What a great idea! I love it! Therefore, I'm devoting a blog to Winn's blog about stuff she loves. :o)

It kind of makes me want to post some blogs about things I love. Would that make me a copycat?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Late Night Randomness

Right now, I'm laying in my big ol' comfy bed all by myself. Occasionally this happens due to the fact that Anthony has some computer stuff to finish up or maybe he's playing xbox for a while and then he comes to bed. Tonight is different....

Tonight I'll be in this big ol' comfy bed by myself. Why? Because my husband is at the AT&T store in line for an iPhone. Yes. You read that correctly. He is spending the night in a parking lot for a cell phone. I love that about him...not the gadget-craziness, but that he's so passionate about things that are important to him. Sometimes I forget little things like that in the mundane ordinary everyday life. He was so giddy a little kid! :)

Like I was last night when I discovered that the Kelly's Kids website lied and their Fall line came out early! I got so excited over expensive children's clothes that I can't really even afford that I couldn't sleep. I think I finally ended up going to bed at 3:30ish A.M. and finally falling asleep around 4:30. So stupid, yet, so fun all at the same time! That could be why I'm still awake right now at 12:30...because I caved in and took a nap this afternoon before cheerleading. Stupid me.

Right before I got up out of the bed and went to get my laptop (which I brought back to bed...probably another dumb idea), I was thinking about a message I got on facebook from my sister-in-law tonight. She sent me this somewhat random message that said "just a few things" and then had a numbered list of :) They were just things she needed/wanted to tell me and I love just hearing from her. She's so....I don't know...Rachel.

I adore her.

I know that sounds weird, but I do. It's not that we're best friends....we're sisters-in-law, if that even makes sense.

Rachel is so amazingly fun and also brutely honest (which I often need). I admire her personality. It is so different from mine. When I met her, I was so itimidated by her and frankly, a little terrified. I'm a people-pleaser. I just want everyone to be happy and everyone to like me. Rachel isn't and I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean, she's always (as long as I've known her) been wise enough to know that you don't have to be something you aren't. If people are meant to connect, they will. I try too hard. Rachel just seems to try just the right amount.

When we first met, I tried so hard to make her like me and I am pretty sure I just annoyed her. :) I was convinced that she hated me. Now, a little over five years later, I can't imagine my life without her. I can call her and just say something totally random and stupid and she understands....and then we can just hang up and not have to keep talking. She knows how to make fun of me without hurting my feelings (few people do because I take things WAY too personally).

She kind of reminds me of the way things work with my best friend Amy....we don't have to talk all the time. Sometimes even just once every few months but when we do, everything is just right.

She's just fun. Some of our (Anthony and me) best memories are just hanging out with Chad & Rachel. They teach us random games like "Buzz" which I suck at and the "No" game which apparently, I also suck at.

Anyway, I didn't intend this to go into a love letter towards my sis-in-law, I was just thinking about her and how much I love her. She told me (and often does) that she wishes we were next door neighbors. I'm wondering why God won't work that out...

It is crazy-amazing how God does work things out though. He placed me with my amazing husband. He gave my husband an amazing brother. He gave Chad an amazing wife (not to mention to freakin' awesome kids). I love that God chose us to be family. Rachel and I are not cookie cutter impressions of each other. We have things that are in common and things that are very different. God used her (and still uses her) to teach me that everyone you love doesn't have to be just like you (because lots of my loved ones ARE very similar to me). Never in a million years would I have guessed that one of my favorite people in the world would be a girl from Prattville, who had we known each other in high school probably would have hated my guts because I tried too hard...

Speaking of high school...funny how we change. Had I met Anthony in high school, I would have thought he was the BIGGEST dork in the world. When I met him my first day of college, I thought he was the most perfect man in the world....and he is...for me.

We have the best marriage!

I know people often think they do, but really, we do! We are best friends. We laugh and play and cut up and just love each other. Anyway...

Enough randomness...