Saturday, September 27, 2008

This week's favs...

I noticed I had some interest in my post last time of my favorite things so I decided to do another one. :o) You're excited, I'm sure. Probably peeing in your pants...haha. Well maybe not but anyway, here we go!!!

1. Little Baby Snow Shoes!!!! Specifically Baby Uggs and these adorable Pedipeds!!! This year we are going on the Friday Family Ski trip, therefore, I am currently obsessed with all things that keep my little one warm including snow suits, fleece jammies, mittens, etc.

2. Munchkin Sippy Cups

Mighty Grip 10 oz. Spill-Proof Cup
These sweet little things are CHEAP ($2), BPA free, you can buy them at Target, they REALLY don't leak, and are currently the only sippy buggy-boo will drink out of (pretty girl colors, of course).

3. My current read, Brisinger, is the third book in the trilogy. Anthony started reading the first one (Eragon) when we got married. I asked him to read it and tell me if middle school boys would like it. He loved it and then I read it and loved it. Then, another one came out, Eldest, and it was amazing too. We just got the third one when it released the other day and even though we are only 14 pages into it, I'm already in lurve....

Buy Brisingr in hardcover

4. An oldie but a goodie (at least to me...)


These things are freakin amazing! They are like little fabric envelopes--ok they aren't "like" them, that's what they are--that hold your diapers and wipes to keep them together and from being torn apart while in the diaper bag. They come in tons of different fabrics and the best part is that they are only $14.99!!! Totally worth the money. Seriously. Like I said, UH-MAZING!!!!

5. Michael Miller's Carnival Bloom Fabric

Clearly, I have a problem. Ok, maybe not so clearly to anyone except my mom, Anthony, and Winn. Ansleigh's diapees and wipees is in the fabric (see above), her new bag tag for her new diaper bag, she has an outfit in it, and recently, I acquired a headband and a key chain from Winn!!! I'm kind of wanting to have everything I own in it. Well....maybe not everything but at least some more stuff. I don't just love it, I <3 heart <3 it!!!

That's all for now, come back next week (or whenever I am bored again) for some more favorites of mine. Also, I have a feeling that there is a post coming soon about stupid Alabama (the university, not the state). Ugh. I'm currently throwing up my mouth...stupid Georgia. Ugh.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Currently in LURRVE with...

In my fantasy world, I'm kind of like a celebrity of the mommy-blogger world (key word being fantasy) and you all are so enamored with me that you just HAVE to know what my latest obsessions

Well in real world all this may not be true, but I've decided that for today, I will share a few of my latest current obsessions. :o) Enjoy!

  1. Parents Magazine--I've been getting this magazine since before I was pregnant (I justified it by saying it would make me a better teacher...HA). I just got the most recent issue in the mail the other day and everytime I get a new one, I fall in love all over again! It has the BEST articles for those mommies who are idiots, like me. Need to know what kind of tummy-ache it is? Parents has the answer. Need to know when you should call the doctor? Parents has the answer. Need to know the best minivans, suvs, and cars for familys? Parents has the answer! Yes, I am in love.
  2. Chez-Ami clothing--ok so yes, it is boutique stuff. Shocker, I know. Most of it is way too expensive, but just look how beautiful it is!!!!
  3. Jon and Kate: Plus 8--Have you watched this??? It is hilarious and awesome and I am hooked.
  4. 2008 Chevy Tahoe--go look at this thing. It is wicked awesome. That's right, I said it, wicked awesome.
Well that's all I'm going to share for now. Enjoy!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


For quite some time I have been in love with these bumpy name labels!

They are amazing!!!!!!!!


You can put them on bottles, then sippy cups, water bottles, whatever! It keeps you from having to use sharpies on all your kids cups and then it wears off and...pain. Also, when several kids have the same bottles or sippy cups, your child's is easily found. Also, they are dishwasher safe and fit on pretty much anything. Amazing.

I'm a big fan, obviously. Everytime someone has a kid, I buy them these things.

Well, now I am an even bigger fan or at least I feel justified in my obsession because the sextuplets on Jon & Kate Plus 8 all have them!!!!!!

I've been watching that show a lot lately...ok, more than a lot, but that is beside the point. All the "little kids" as they refer to them, have those labels on their sippy cups! Yay!!!

I <3 them!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best Idea EVER!!!

Or at least I think so...

Last night I was lying in bed thinking and came up with this idea:

Grocery stores, such as Publix, should utilize their websites. People should be able to go onto their websites, add things to their "list" or cart and then submit when ready. Once submitted, they should be able to go to the store and pick up their items...maybe even drive-through style.

Also, as you run out of things, you should be able to just go add it to a list and then when you are ready, you can submit you list and then go get your stuff.

What do you think???

I think it is AWESOME but will never happen.