Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let the good times begin...

In an (attempted) effort to stop online shopping so much, specifically on Ebay, I have decided to start blogging more.

That means lots more complete total randomness from the rambling mind that belongs to me.

I think the reason why I browse (I'm not so bad about buying things) is pure boredom. I'm bored. In fact, most of the time I am bored. I hear other stay-at-home-moms talk about how busy they stay and how being home with a child or children is a full time job. I think I missed something. Maybe it is just because these days, Ansleigh is so easy. Everyone keeps telling me that once she is mobile it won't be the same. Well, she is mobile...somewhat. I'm still bored.

This is what a typical "fascinating" day for me looks like:
  • Get up, give Ansleigh a bottle, lay on the couch until she's ready to get out of her bed
  • Play with her while watching Playhouse Disney until around 10ish
  • Fix her a bottle and lay her down for a nap immediately followed by laying mommy down for a nap :o)
  • Get up when Ansleigh wakes up (12:30ish), get her dressed, feed her lunch, play for an hour or so
  • Fix her a bottle and lay her down for her nap (2 ish)
  • Get her up (4:30ish) and then she has "independent" play time while mommy watches tv
  • Feed her dinner (5:30ish)
  • Hang out and eat dinner with Anthony
  • Fix Ansleigh a bottle, put on her pj's, put her down for the night (8:30ish) followed by entirely too much ebay and tv
All the times that she's asleep are filled with with ebay, tv, and a few brief things that need to be done around the house.

Oh gosh...I think I just bored myself to sleep just re-reading what my life looks like.


What do these other moms do???? Can someone send me the memo, please?

Pre-Melbourne/Pre-Baby I was a busy, busy bee. My days were filled with classes, kids, athletic activities (coaching them...not participating), bible studies, hanging out with friends, roaming around town just looking at stuff.

Most of that doesn't even exist in my life anymore but I can't blame it all on Ansleigh. I blame it on me. I'm not working, thus, no classes and kids. My bible studies used to be once a week, now it is twice a month...and sometimes not that often. I'm making more of an effort to "hang out" with friends but let's face it, it is a lot more difficult to do so with a kid who naps 2-3 times a day and will only sleep in a crib. If I want to roam around town with her, I basically need to pack up half the house and very carefully plan it around her nap times. Thus, I've fallen victim to the internet.

Anthony, bless him, can busy himself for hours and hours and hours reading stuff on the internet. Me? Not so much...

This is what my web routine looks like:
  • check email
  • check "watched" items on ebay
  • facebook
  • myspace
  • friends & family blogs (IF any new ones have been posted)
  • ebay...for hours of browsing
  • etsy (ya know...for that moment that I realize that I've looked at ALL the baby girl clothes sizes 6-24 months on ebay AND everything Auburn)
  • to keep up with my celebrity gossip
After I have exhausted those websites, I generally feel like there is NOTHING else to look at on the entire internet. Stupid, I know, but still true.

Other than that, I fill my time with Law & Order reruns and preschool cartoons. Nice. You're jealous, I know. :o)

Anybody have suggestions for what I can do with my time? You can suggest exercise, but just know that you can suggest it all you want but it still is not real likely to happen.

HELP ME!?!?! Or you are going to see me on the evening news one night, headline as follows: 25-year-old mother dies today of boredom. Officials are still investigating but say that it seems to be due to the fact that she just didn't have a life.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rantings and Ravings...

Stupid, stupid, stupid Alabama.

Let me note that not all Alabama fans are idiots. I can name MAYBE three that aren't, but most are. This blog is based on a stereotype.

Yes, I said it. Before I go there (completely), let me explain something....

Only once in my life have I been that annoying fan and it came back to bite me in the butt. That is why I hate Alabama so much. 99% of their fans are "that annoying fan." Another thing I would like to note is that aside from that one time in my life, I have always been pretty amicable towards Alabama and it's teams (which generally is a cardinal sin, I know).

In the past two years, things have changed.

Just the sight of Alabama paraphernalia makes me nauseous...seriously.

The change in my attitude is a direct result of Alabama's attitude towards God, I mean Nick Saban. I have absolutely nothing against the man himself. I don't care if he is of questionably moral ethics. I don't care who he coaches, where he coaches, or what he does in his spare time. What I care about are the fans...the ones who have immediately bowed down to worship him.

Last time I checked, Nick Saban was not God. I mean...I guess I could be wrong, but seriously.

I want to scream at them all, "He is a coach...of a football team!" I also want to remind them that Nick Saban does not equal Bear Bryant and, for the 9 millionth time, Bear Bryant is dead. Promise.

I understand supporting your team. I understand supporting your coach. I understand being proud of both, but what I don't understand is why a coach is worshiped. Anybody know why?

I find it humorous that Alabama fans are convinced that they are in the running for a National title this year because...Nick Saban is their coach. If my memory serves me correct, they were all singing that same song this time last year and they ended up losing almost half their games. Even worse, they were beaten by LA-MO (who Auburn slaughtered tonight!) and Auburn beat them for the 6th year in a row!

Another thing that annoys me...CLEMSON, yes Clemson, was ranked #9 (ahead of Auburn) for who even knows what reason. But me, being the optimistic person that I am, had hope that they would pull it off, because I was Alabama. Idiots.

They played like big babies. Ansleigh could have done better. Now all those morons are already campaigning that Alabama is a "Top 10" team (currently ranked 24) and are once again, masters of the universe. Excuse me while I barf.

I love how Alabama can beat some GAY team like Clemson who plays in the freakin ACC and they are the greatest football team known to man-kind but just a few short years ago, Auburn went undefeated (beating SEVERAL top ten teams) and was denied the chance to play for the National Championship simply because we were Auburn, not USC, not Ohio, not Notre Dame, not Alabama. Idiots.

The worst part is that we looked at their schedule tonight and Alabama plays nobodys for the next four weeks. On a positive note: in four weeks they face #1 Georgia. All I have to say about that is, "Go Dawgs!" Seriously. I can't wait! I will giggle with glee all night!

Those of you who read this (who even does?) that have not spent your entire lives immersed in SEC football will think this is just the rantings of a crazy...and probably is. But WOWZA.


Now I'm all rilled up and will probably not even be able to sleep. Ugh.