Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm still alive!!!

Hello loves. I've missed you.

I've been busy--reading Twilight. And watching New Moon trailers and videos. And being completely ridiculous.

I promise you it is a disease.

In the past two weeks alone I've probably read through all four books at least twice and I'm working on a third.

Like I said, completely ridiculous.

I remember when I first read Twilight...to see what the fuss was all about. I couldn't help but to think about how Bella and Edward go from not knowing each other and hardly speaking to completely devoted to each other for life--STUPID...and not realistic at all. But alas, it is fiction. Then I spent all of New Moon trying to figure out where the crap "Mr. Amazing" Edward was. And then I kind of got so involved in the story that I gave up on analyzing.

Reading through all of them the second time, I was able to focus more on who the characters were and not as much on how things couldn't really happen that way.

Now I'm on only like...reading number 742. I still can't help but to "Writer's Workshop" this stuff to death, but I love it.

Now-a-days, and even back in the olden age (you know...March), it was all about Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Both have redeeming qualities. Edward is brilliant, and loving, and always says the right thing (except for that one time...in the woods...YOU KNOW what I'm talking about). Jacob is what I think of as a "good ol' boy." He's a sweet kid. And he's human. And awesome. And a lot smarter than someone his age should be (much like Bella).

I never have been able to decide. I've always leaned one way, then I teeter back the other.

Then, about a week or so ago, I saw a shirt that said "Team Alice." Yes, please. Dude. Alice is amazing. I want a best friend like that. She is my favorite.

But you see, I'm teetering again. Or at least...I was. Until I kept watching all these freaking amazing previews that kind of make me want to pee my pants with excitement. And then, it happened. I declared.

Team Jacob. He's my wallpaper now.

I think what put me over the edge is really Taylor Lautner. There is just something about him. He is the PERFECT Jacob. The new muscles and the tan *might* help too. I mean...I'm just saying.

So anyway, that's kind of been my world lately.

Cheerleading is amazing. And crazy. It reminds me of how much I miss being in a school every day and hanging out with kids. Some of them just steal your heart. There is a whole lot of red tape and paper work that I never anticipated to go along with coaching but I love it. LOVE IT. This has always been my dream job and I can honestly say, it still is.

Other than that, I've just been watching the Bug develop her little personality. She is freaking hilarious. And bossy. And a smidge too much on the cute side. These days we watch Tinkerbell a million times a day. And we're obsessed with Minnie (who she will be for Halloween) and "Boots" (aka: Dora). She's the craziest kid I know and I'm head-over-heals for her.

She's so easy to deal with these days--so independent--that it has me wondering if I'll ever REALLY be ready for another one and have to start all over. But that, my friends, is another blog post.

Oh, and I have a rocking giveaway that I was *supposed* to have done in September (SORRY BECKY!!!!!!!!)

Hopefully, I'll be back soon, if you'll still have me after abandoning you for so long.