Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Truth Hurts

Some of you may know that my sister's husband is in the Army. In fact, right now he's over in Afghanistan.

A guy I grew up with (my mom's boss's son) is in the Army. He is such a funny guy. We never went to school with each other but always knew each other growing up and would say hi to each other.

My brother-in-law, Jon, went through ROTC at JSU with him (Kyle). They got to be very close. Kyle was in my sister's wedding and I'm fairly certain Jon was in Kyle's.

My sister and her husband moved to Ft. Campbell several months ago and were super excited because Kyle, his wife, and their brand new baby girl were stationed there too.

Yesterday, we found out that Kyle (over in Afghanistan and 30 miles away from Jon) stepped on the plate of an IED (?) and it killed him.

He's maybe a year older than me, with a 6 month old daughter who will never know her daddy. My heart is breaking for his wife and that sweet baby girl.

We were never BFF's but I knew him most of my life, I've met his wife who is a doll, and I just can't imagine the nightmare she is facing right now. Where do you go from here? How do you keep going? Do you start your life over? How do you make sure that your daughter REALLY knows that her daddy gave his life so she could be safe?

I guess the worst part for me is realizing JUST how much danger Jon really is in. Kyle died 30 miles from him! For the first time in a while, I'm really scared for him. So many troops get sent back and forth that it never really sinks in the kind of danger they are in on a daily basis. Jon may be an "in-law" but he's my brother now. He's family and as I was holding his sweet boy Tyler this morning, all I could think about was the fear that Jon might not get to see him again.

My heart is burdened for all these troops who are fighting right now and have babies at home. Please join me in praying for them and for their families who sacrifice having husbands and fathers so that we can be safe and protected.

Father God PLEASE keep them safe and bring them home to their kids and their wives who love and support them and most of all need them.