Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Newest Project

Since I'm home for the summer, I have a list of things I want to get accomplished around the house because we all know I don't have any time for stuff like that during the school year. Most of these things are home organization projects (moving the bookshelf from the guest room to our room, painting it to resemble cherry wood so it matches our furniture, reorganizing our closet, reorganizing the linen closet, etc.). The project I'm most excited about is Ansleigh's 4th Birthday.

Did you just re-read that last sentence? If so, you're right to think twice about it. Ansleigh's birthday isn't until December. Aside from her 1st birthday (which was mostly just for me), we have successfully avoided a party. Now that she's in preschool, she's been invited to several parties and now she wants one of her own. She made up her mind and she's not changing it....she wants a party and more importantly, she wants a Rapunzel party.

If you know me at all, you know if I'm going to do something like this, it has to be awesome or I can't be a part of it. Since this means a lot to my girl, I'm putting my all into it.

I've been researching Tangled party ideas, checking Etsy for all kinds of cute handmade stuff. I've come up with a great plan for an AWESOME party for my girl, but I've got my work cut out for me and I won't have time to do it when it comes time for her party so I'm going to do as much of it now as I can so I won't have to when December gets here.

As I make progress, I'll try and update but I've got some great plans.

Of course we'll have the Rapunzel plates and napkins.

We're also going to hang paper lanterns in the sun porch (where the party will be). I'm definitely going to use yellow and purple ones but I might throw some pink ones in too.

The goody bags are going to be so awesome! Rapunzel loves to paint so we're giving out mini easels, mini canvases, and a paint set. :) I'm going to put them in purple tinted clear goody bags and tie them up with a little yellow yarn braid :) They will be finished off with these sweet little tags that say thank you.

We're also going to have a candy bar...more on that later but these sweet kids will get to put their candy stash in these little bags
For the food, Lolli (my mom) is making a tower cake similar to this one but we're making it with donuts instead of pecan rolls and it will be WAY cuter if I know my mom at all.
This will just be mostly for looks, and we will serve cupcakes with these cute little toppers on them.
We'll also serve Jello boats but instead of flags like the ones pictured, I'm ordering the other ones (below) that are pictured.
I will also be serving breads, fruit, and little sandwiches or pub grub.

The invitations will be very similar to this:We're also hanging up a banner like this:
and there will be another one (more to come on that later too) that will go on the candy bar.

This is going to go on the bottom of the mailbox so people know they've arrived (we'll also have some balloons tied up)
And the front door will be covered with a braid similar to this one:

I'm going to use these picks (they will only be Rapunzel clothes and Flynn Ryder clothes) to put into the fruit and sandwiches for decoration

I'm going to *attempt* to make a sign (probably out of cardboard or poster board) to hang above the food table that looks like this Snuggly Duckling one from the movie with something under it that says "Pub Grub."
The kids are going to make their own Pascal Party Blowers that look like this:
And we're going to play "Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Ryder"
Best of all, we're going to send the kids off with a lit lantern send-off. Anthony is excited about this part because it involves fire. Only grown ups will be able to fly them and bring them back to the ground.

And I may have a few other secrets up my sleeve :) You'll just have to stay tuned.

And I must mention that I got several of these great ideas from the Disney website and from this awesome mom who blogs...check her out

I also found lots of things on my trusty and on

Do you have any good ideas I could use?