Friday, September 12, 2008


For quite some time I have been in love with these bumpy name labels!

They are amazing!!!!!!!!


You can put them on bottles, then sippy cups, water bottles, whatever! It keeps you from having to use sharpies on all your kids cups and then it wears off and...pain. Also, when several kids have the same bottles or sippy cups, your child's is easily found. Also, they are dishwasher safe and fit on pretty much anything. Amazing.

I'm a big fan, obviously. Everytime someone has a kid, I buy them these things.

Well, now I am an even bigger fan or at least I feel justified in my obsession because the sextuplets on Jon & Kate Plus 8 all have them!!!!!!

I've been watching that show a lot lately...ok, more than a lot, but that is beside the point. All the "little kids" as they refer to them, have those labels on their sippy cups! Yay!!!

I <3 them!

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