Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello Again!

So tonight I was at a friend's house watching the football game and I was chatting with a different friend I haven't seen in a while and she mentioned that I wasn't writing my blog anymore...and she looked disappointed. Which kind of made me feel like a super star and also like the world's biggest loser.

A couple of I don't know how many days ago a sweet friend commented on something on facebook and asked me if I was still writing my blog.


So...I'm writing my blog. For my loves.

Here's some randomness, just for you :)

  • I've been having trouble falling asleep. At first it was because I was too busy reading the Twilight series books on precious, precious iphone. Then, because I'd be soooooo tired the next day, when Bug took a nap, so did I. Which meant I'd have trouble going to sleep the next night. Idiot.
  • That was like....3 weeks ago. And here I am at 1 AM, not sleeping, writing my blog. But don't worry. I'm not reading Twilight. I'm reading Gossip Girl instead. Hahaha.
  • Don't play, you know you wish you could read cool teeny-booper books like me.
  • Also, we put up some of the inside Christmas decorations today. Part of me feels like I need to explain that I'm not completely cooky and the other part of me is thinking, "Pssh. At least I waited later than Halloween this year."
  • So I drug our tree out and turns out...most of the lights on it didn't work. It is a tree that already has the lights on it. Hubs sent me on a mission to buy a new one...with LED lights. UGLIEST LIGHTS EVER. Well...just the strands of the colored ones that I mixed in. The tree doesn't look ugly, it's just....different. And I don't do change well. Ever.
  • Two of my friends (a married couple) have lost about 80 pounds (combined) by just counting calories. Now I feel fat b/c they are getting smaller and I'm not. Also, I've started counting my calories too.
  • I'm using my precious, precious to do it. There's an app called Lose It. It's awesome. You put in your weight, height, age, and how much you want to lose and it calculates how many calories you can have a day and tells you when you'll meet your goal if you stick to it.
  • February 27. That's when I'm going to weigh 125 pounds again. Because that's when iphone says I will.
  • Also, I entered a 5K. Because I'm stupid. BUT...I'm running at Disney World. So that's kind of fun. Oh, and with a pink tutu on.
  • You're jealous, I know.
  • I'm seriously considering changing my name from "Mommy" to something really hard that Ansleigh can't say, like, Kheljekistan. Then she won't say my name 30,000 times in one day.
  • I got pulled over Friday night on my way home from the football game. Why you ask? Was I speeding? No. Did I run a red light? No. I HAD A TAILLIGHT OUT. Yes. I sat in my car, embarrassed, with flashing lights behind me, while several members of my cheer squad drove past. Lovely. Just lovely.
  • I'm REALLY hungry right now. I'd really like to have a bowl of Golden Grahams. Is it too early for breakfast? Hmmm...
  • All this time I could have spent writing my blog, I've been playing a game on facebook called Restaurant City. It' so fun. And dorky.
  • Me thinks I'm going to try and go sleep now.
Missed you all!!!

Leave me comments if you want me back!


ALM said...

Yea!!! You are back!

claudio said...

I love you and I am glad your blogging again! Xo

melnewby said...

You are beautiful just the way you are!

w said...

you're wearing a pink tutu? that's hilarious. also. quite elegant.

Joy said...
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Joy said...

:) I'm glad you are back!!! So why the pink tutu? Just cause its fun, or is there meaning behind it?