Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time make up for lost time...

  • Today I took a nap. I know, you're surprised, but really the reason was because I stayed up past 2 am working on Christmas projects.
  • I have this need to get things accomplished ahead of time. Every minute that passes by that I still have presents to buy/make, or things to get done for the holidays, I stress.
  • Same thing goes for Bug's birthday.
  • Instead of a party, we're going to take her to Magic Kingdom this year. I'm using her as an excuse to go to Disney and have a blast. Otherwise, we'd never go. Because we're losers.
  • To make up for the fact that I took a nap today, I put away clean dishes, washed dirty ones, cleaned both bathrooms, did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned out both the toy basket and the toy chest, cleaned the counters, and....yeah.
  • I brag on myself because usually I don't do anything except play with Ansleigh. Shh....don't tell.
  • To answer Joy's question, I'm running in a pink tutu because Winn says I am. And she made me one. And who doesn't want to be kind of prissy in a Princess Run at Disney?
  • Hey remember how I told you I was counting calories on precious, precious iphone? My goal was to lose 1lb a week. I've only done it for a week but I just weighed and I did lose a pound. A pound sounds stupid, but to me, it is VICTORY!!!
  • The LED lights on the tree are growing on me....slowly.
  • Also, my chin is a zit factory, just in case you were wondering.
  • I'm fighting the urge to go buy a couple of new shirts to wear when we go to Alabama next week.
  • I'm also peeing in my pants in excitement that we're going to Alabama next fall weather, changing trees, and all things southern.
  • And....this week is NEW MOON. That's all I have to say about that.


w said...

will you see new moon with me? also. you knew i was going to ask that. and anyway. so what? i'm ocd.

becky said...

So... Anytime anyone mentions an iphone app, I have to try it out and now I too am counting calories... I thought it wouldn't last because it would just tell me I eat way too much... turns out, I eat way less than I should... Like I take in only 1000 calories a day (that's subtracting calories with my running)So now at night I'm making myself eat stuff to reach the calorie goal, literally forcing things into my stomach. so... thanks for helping me realize my eating disorder and my new obsession of counting calories... you're swell!