Friday, July 31, 2009

Giveaway Winner!!!!!!

First of all, let me say how awesome all ya'll are!!! I had 98 entries!!!!!!!!!!! (not to be confused with 98 people). Anyway, thanks!!! :) That makes me feel special...but not like...short yellow bus special. ANYWAY....

Drum roll please.....

Mr. Random Number Generator picked entry number 48.

Congratulations Adina!!! :) Reese will be so precious in that big ol' white bow.

The rest of you, sorry. Doesn't it suck when you don't win? Maybe if you "keep trying, keep trying, don't give up, never give up..." you will win eventually.

1 comment:

w said...

congrat adina.

i won't tell carrie if you give the bow to me.

peace out.