Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday with a Friday

Yep. That's right. It's time for Friday Confessions again. Woot woot. Please, try to contain your excitement.

  1. Facebook. Does it make me uber cool or an uber dork that I've been on there since BEFORE we got married. Like...2004.
  2. I'm reminded of that fact every time I log on and it is suggesting a friend that recently joined facebook and I think..."What freakin took you so long?"
  3. Let's talk about that friend suggestion thing....Me's not a fan. I wish I could give it the thumbs down.
  4. "You and Joe Smith both went to Auburn." SO DID THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE. Doesn't mean I know him. Or ever heard of him. Or want to be his friend.
  5. Also, I really love it when it suggests I be friends with someone who went to my high school. Especially when that person graduated in the early 60' know...when my parents were barely in elementary school. Oh, oh, even better...when it suggests someone who currently goes there. Someone who thinks they are way cool because they are on facebook and they are in the 7th grade. HOW IN HEAVEN'S NAME AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THEM????
  6. Also, the friend suggester really makes it difficult to delete someone. You do it. An hour later you have a friend request from deleted person because Mr. Suggester suggested you to them and they thought, "I thought I was friends with her. Oh well. Better friend her."
  7. I often have conversations with friends and they mention something someone posted on facebook and my response is, "I didn't see that!!!!" And they say, "It was in my news feed."
  8. I finally figured out why they saw it and I didn't. I have over 600 friends and so it takes me HOURS to go through the entire day of the news feed. I'm not sayin' I don't spend hours reading it....because I do, but still....
  9. If you read this, you should be my friend on facebook. Then we could claim we are friends.
  10. Let's move on. To Twitter.
  11. Turns out...I'm a bad "tweeter" or Twitter user. Why you ask? Because I use it to update my facebook status and keep up with my trashy celebrity gossip.
  12. Almost everyday Hubs and I have a conversation where he asks if I saw so-in-so's tweet and I say no. Then he says, "What do you even use it for???" Haha. Celebrity gossip. That's what.
  13. I was up before Bow Baby today. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that.
  14. I've decided my mirror is a LIAR because when I look in it, I don't look as chubby. And then I see a picture of myself.
  15. Also, I look way more tan in my mirror. I like that. I like my tan. And yes, I know it's bad to be tan b/c I'll get cancer and whatever.
  16. I did it the safe way...with SPF 70. So I don't feel guilty.
  17. I just realized there are 17 of these. Sorry. That's kind of a lot.
Have a good weekend!!!! :)


w said...


wait. so does that mean you don't read my tweets?

tweet. heh heh.

Jennifer said...

I love you Carrie Friday!