Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Apology and An Admisson

The Apology:

Last night, I was browsing through recent posts and re-read my swimsuit post. I cannot believe I posted that. I mean...I know I was thinking all those things, but honestly, it's hateful. And mean. EVERY woman has some kind of body issue, be it her weight, or her thighs, or her nose. Something. Women worry about what other people are thinking, either out loud (like me) or quietly to themselves. And no wonder they/we do. Because there are people like me out there judging us and then posting a blog about it.

Even if everything I posted was true and written in an attempt to be funny about what I was seeing, I shouldn't have posted it. I'm human. I think ugly thoughts about people, even though I shouldn't. I apologize to you, my readers, for letting you see the hateful side of me. Please forgive me and PLEASE don't let what I said make you more self-conscious.

One last thing though....please just do me a favor--don't go parading around on the beach mostly naked, no matter how good you look. Oh and one more...cover up your boobies. If not for your self-respect, for your husband's. They are his to look at, not everyone else's, no matter what society says.

Having said that, I have deleted the post in hopes that no one else will see what I wrote. Again, I apologize.


The Admission:

I am a dork. I am. I do dorky things like buy souvenir shirts on vacation. And wear them.

I overplan. I clean up toys as soon as Bow Baby stops playing with it, causing myself to spend entire days doing nothing but cleaning up toys. Or maybe that's because I'm compulsive.

I was dorky in elementary school. I was dorky in middle school. And while I did a relatively good job of hiding it, I was dorky in high school too.

I don't drink. I don't partay. I don't smoke. I wasn't in a sorority. I don't cuss, except for in my head and usually not on purpose.

I like to sit at home and watch shows aimed at the teenage girl crowd. I get excited about stupid things.

Often, I talk like a gangsta (with a southern accent, of course) to my husband, because it is fun. I do the running-man to New Kids on the Block music...that I STILL listen to.

I'm dorky. I know it. And I'm okay with that. You know why? Because that's who I am. That's who God made me and God doesn't make mistakes. The world may see me as dorky, but I have friends and family that love me just the same...and they know I'm dorky.


w said...

i like you.

and i bought a bikini to wear saturday. only. it's not a bikini. and actually. it's not even a swim suit. it's a dress.

still. you'll see my ankles.

w said...

oh crud. i forgot.

will you go see new moon with me? you haven't mentioned it in a while. like. since two days ago. so. i'm gettting worried.