Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I've Been Impressed

If you know me, you know that I'm picky, controlling, anal, and well...cheap.

Recently I had the task of ordering baby shower invitations for my sister's shower. I wanted REALLY cute ones. I also wanted them to kind of match the shower colors/Tyler's room. Also, I didn't want to pay an arm and leg for each one.

So....I searched. And searched. And searched some more.

Maybe two years ago, a great friend of mine sent me a link to this stationary company. I looked. They had cute stuff. I filed it away in my bookmarks and moved on. Well, upon my recent searching, I came across it again.

Inviting You Designs. That's who they are. Or you can just call them the Pimp Masters of the Stationary World.

You see, they have AMAZINGLY cute stuff. And it's cheap. Really cheap. And high quality. And did I mention that it's cheap?

Don't believe me?

While I was searching for invitations, the cheapest price I could find was around $1.50 PER invitation and some of them I would have to print on my own. That's cool and all if you only need to buy 10. I needed 115. My new favorites sold me my invites for $1 per invite, printed, with a peel-n-stick envelope. Oh and printed them and had them to me in just a little over week. And they are in Birmingham. I'm in Florida. Be impressed.

Now if I were myself, reading this on someone else's blog, I'd be thinking, "They probably aren't really that cute." But they are. See?

You know you like it. Don't lie.

And the awesome thing is that they do all kinds of amazing stuff....address labels, note cards, Christmas cards, notepads, labels, etc.

And they can make you all that stuff and make it all matchy-matchy, which you know I kind of love.

Why am I endorsing them? Because they are amazing. And they impressed me....which is hard to do. And also, because they used to be teachers (CONNECTION) who wanted to stay at home with their babies (CONNECTION) and they are all artsy-fartsy like me. Plus, they're southern, and let's just be real...I love me some southern people. So go look. BUY.

LOVE THEM....and tell your friends.

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The St. John Family said...

Woo Hoo! I love them! And I ordered the matching Thank you cards! Yes because I am that person too! I ordered a few other things as well and I already have baby announcements picked out! Best Company ever! Great Find!