Friday, July 10, 2009

We Need to Chat...

We do. We need to have a sit down, blogger to blog reader conversation. About how I am steadily approaching my 100th post. [Don't pee your pants, it hasn't happened yet]

In honor of this super awesome event, I want do do something special. I've come up with a few ideas. Giveaways? Lots of things about me you probably don't want to know? A blog in real life.

Here's the thing. It's up to you to decide what happens. You see...there's a poll. Right above this (well ok, not if you are reading this from facebook or an RSS feed). You need to go to the poll. You need to vote. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

And also, this will reassure me that people actually read this stuff and are still interested. Go vote! Tell your friends to vote. Also, tell them to read and follow my blog. Also, get your granny on the computer and help her vote too. Wait. She might think I'm weird. Ok...scratch granny. Anyway, go to the real live blog ( and vote!!!!!!!!!

That's what Americans do, you know.


w said...

i just want the aveeno. so yeah. that one vote for the aveeno giveaway, that's me. thanks.

Jamie Bennett said...

Hey Carrie-
Just to clarify- I voted for the 100 confessions, just to see if you can do it! :) But the Aveeno giveaway would be great- because I want to win it!