Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've Moved....

We've moved...to the land of constant repetitiveness.

Just to give you a glimpse into my world, here are a few real life conversations:

1. Riding in the car yesterday...
Bug: "Momma."
Me: "What?"
Bug: "MOMMA."
Me: "Yes, baby?"
Bug: "Mommmmmmmma."
Me: *tries to ignore*
Bug: "Momma. Momma. Momma."
Me: *completely frustrated* "WHAT ANSLEIGH?"
Bug: *smiles real big* "HEEEEEEEEEEEY."

2. Saturday afternoon...
Me: *looking through some pictures of my neice on facebook*
Me: "What?"
Me: "Guy???"
Me: "Oh. Cate. Yeah...that's Anna Cate."
Me: "Yep. There's Anna Cate again."
Me: *finishes pictures and logs off facebook. Hibernates computer.*
Me: "Sorry but she had to go bye bye."
Bug: *cries mountains of tears.*

3. Five minutes ago....
Bug: "I need!!!!!!!"
Me: "What do you need?"
Bug: "I need!!!!!!!"
Me: "Ok, but what do you need? Show Mommy."
Bug: "I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!"
Me: *gets up and goes to where she is pointing*
Bug: "I need."
Me: *holds up Foofa doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Minnie doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Tootie doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Wubzie doll* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *holds up Katie Baby* "Is this what you need?"
Bug: "No. I need!!!"
Me: *frustrated. sits back down*
Bug: "I neeeeeeeeeeeed."
Me: "Well if you neeeeeeeeed it so badly then get up and get it yourself."
Bug: *giggles a little too loudly*

4. Earlier this morning...
Bug: *hands me her cup* "I need."
Me: "Ok. Do you want some juice?"
Bug: "No. I need....."
Me: "Do you want milk?"
Bug: "JUICE!!!!"
Me: "Ok so you want some juice?"
Bug: "No. JUICE!!!!!!!! Juice."
Me: *fixes her juice anyway and hands her the cup.*
Bug: *claps for Mommy and smiles* "JUICE!!!"

Gotta love life with a toddler.


w said...

i love that stage.
i love that stage.
i love that stage.

wait. no i don't.
wait. no i don't.
wait. yes i do.

speaking of which. will you go to see new moon with me?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I think I need some Valium after reading this post.

Or chocolate. yes, chocolate. Or Valiu. Or chocolate. No, Valium, no bathroom. yes. Bathroom it is.

Anonymous said...

we're in the SAME stage. i get "go bye" a LOT but i'm never sure where she wants to go. she pulls me all over the house- my kid is a maniac. or when she says "papa" over & over, then like an hour later i realize she's really saying "purple" b/c obviously my dad is wearing purple in his photo. geez. my mind hurts w/all this thinking. :)

Cindy said...

I love that bug!

Insanity Kim said...

That's why I lock myself in the bathroom. No, not really. Ok yes. What? What was that? Sorry, can't hear you over my ears bleeding. I love my kids. Seriously. Every word they say.

mandghall said...

wow. this is terrifyingly accurate. with Susannah, it's all "i want some more" and "hi/hewwo" over and over without details.
The part about the juice/milk is spot on- thanks for sharing the insanity and helping us all laugh about it!