Friday, July 17, 2009

Confessions from A-la-bam-uh

  1. Last night I waited for two hours to get into the bathroom to take a shower. Sister was in there taking a nice long relaxing bath.
  2. I love her but I do not miss those teen days of waiting/fighting for the shower.
  3. What I do miss is the husband. He lets me go first. Always. And he keeps my feet warm in the bed.
  4. Also, I miss the laminating machine.
  5. I'm convinced the sign on my forehead is still there. I've been asked 4 times this week when I'm going to have another baby.
  6. The PEDIATRICIAN asked. He obviously does not read my blog.
  7. The Auburn friend asked. She obviously does not read my blog either. But I don't blame her. She just had a baby 3 weeks ago. Although really, that post was way before that so she should have read it. I'm just saying :)
  8. The hair stylist asked.
  9. The make-up lady asked.
  10. I was tempted to beat a lady up this week. No, not the ones that asked me if I'm going to have another baby. A lady at the zoo. She used her kid to knock my kid down THREE times to see the giraffes. Woman. You're old. You've seen them before.
  11. Don't worry. I restrained myself. Good thing too...she was feisty.
  12. I'm concerned that I may be losing some of my southern-ness. Yesterday someone didn't hesitate to think I'm from Florida.
  13. I still haven't seen the newest Harry Potter's been two whole days. I'm suffering on the inside.
  14. Throughout the week, usually at night or when I'm in the shower, I come up with lists of these confessions to type.
  15. Which is embarrassing enough. But then when it comes time to write these, I forget the ones I already came up with. Idiot.
  16. I've been spending too much time reading Twitter lately because I'm starting to type things out to people with @ and someones user name. Even though I'm not on Twitter at the time.
  17. Also, lots of those people aren't even on Twitter. So they don't have user names.
  18. If you saw my hair right now, you'd be embarrassed for me. It's scandalous. I went to bed with it wet last night. In fact, I do that almost every night. Which is why my hair is almost always in a pony tail.
  19. I called the husband a name this week. Wanna know what it was? Scankosaurus Rex. Yes. I said that. Out loud. And now I'm admitting it. On the internets. Wow I'm so cool. Except...not.
  20. We need to leave here in less than 30 minutes and I'm still in my jammies. Haven't brushed my teeth. Or my hair. Shows you where my priorities are. Blogging is more important than looking like a scank. In public. Where people can see me. That's real lurve for your people.
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w said...

hahahahahaha. i miss the laminating machine, too. i want it back. so i can make a michael weston doll. front and back.

your pediatrician doesn't read your blog? lame. but man he sure is hot. yeah. he totally is.