Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't Hate Me....

So...erm...I've been a smidge MIA lately. Because is starting and cheerleading was starting and now I'm working those girls hard. And because we've recently become addicted to LOST. Ugh.'s Friday and I have a few spare moments so....

  1. Turns out that coaching is 60% paper work and 40% coaching. least in the beginning.
  2. 20 cheerleaders = a big squad
  3. I might as well be a profession beggar because it seems like all I'm doing lately is begging people for money for the school or for the kids.
  4. Anyone want to donate money to the cheerleaders?
  5. Or sponsor one of them?
  6. Or buy an ad in the football program?
  8. See....this is my life now.
  9. I've been having dreams that these kids didn't pay me for their stuff and it's the first ball game and I'm holding their shoes hostage.
  10. Also, I have dreams about Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Locke.
  11. Stupid LOST!!!! It's like crack really.
  12. I haven't seen my Winn friend in so long, I think she forgot what I look like.
  13. Spaghetti Dinner at HHS tonight for only $5!!!! Wanna come???
  14. Again....with the begging.
  15. As badly as I have been wanting a teaching position, I've figured out that to teach and start this cheer program, I'd have to have super powers.
  16. I'm not sure I'm ready to reveal any possible super powers to the world for fear of exploitation.
  17. Good thing I'm staying at home and coaching.
  18. .........
  19. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
  20. ...............
  21. Ooops...I fell asleep. That's how tired I am. Better go nap before the spaghetti dinner....that's only $5!!!!!!!!!


Rachel said...

I miss you!

w said...


i miss you so much. like soooo much. i wish new moon were playing right now. but then. no. i don't. because you'd be too busy to go with me.

you're going with me, btw. i'm not asking anymore. anymore today, that is.

i'll ask again in a couple weeks. or in a couple days.