Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is it Normal?

  • is it normal that I never make my child eat in her highchair, usually let her eat off her plate that sits on the floor, and let her eat off our plates?
  • is it normal that because of this my child thinks all food is community food?
  • is it normal that I bought a pair of Ugg boots and paid WAY too much money for them, knowing that I live in Central Florida and will only be able to really wear them a month out of the year?
  • is it normal that it is 3:12 and I'm still in the same shirt I slept in and soffee shorts?
  • is it normal that I get *almost* as excited as my little Buggy-boo when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on?
  • is it normal that I bought fresh green beans yesterday so that I could cook the handful of mine that I picked?
  • is it normal that I paid a babysitter so I could go to the grocery store alone yesterday?
  • is it normal that the majority of my friends are not even remotely close to my age?
  • is it normal that my child has so many hairbows that her hairbow holder is completely full and bows are now clipped to other bows?
  • is it normal that I'm still buying her bows?
  • is it normal that I somehow always seem to miss my mouth when I'm eating and spill food or drink on myself?
  • is it normal that my mood went from completely blah to totally excited just because a friend of my SIL (Rach) reads this blog and thinks I'm funny.
  • is SHE normal for thinking I'm funny? :)
  • is it normal that I decided to go sit out on the porch because I was freezing, but then came right back inside because I was sweating outside?
  • is it normal that I'm completely head-over-heals in LURVE with my niece and nephew?
  • is it normal that I'm already buying my niece/nephew-to-be stuff even though we don't know what shim is yet?

Okay, enough with the randomness. I will leave you with this lovely story:

Sunday evening we were at the church beach picnic and while we were eating, our Pastor was talking to Anthony and me. He was asking me different questions and we were talking about me coaching and then he says, "Can they understand you?"

Seriously. The pastor of our church asked me if people can understand me. Not because I'm fluent in Spanish either. Because I am apparently THAT southern. Wow. :)

**Side note: he was just kidding, but still....wow.


Rachel said...

Well...You are pretty funny! AC and T love you too! AC is really, really excited about coming to see y'all....I am too!

ALM said...

I think you're funny too. Truth be told, I read your blog and check every few days for something new. It makes me sad when there isn't a new post...is that NORMAL...perhaps not!!

Beau and Kellie said...

I'm never surprised at Pastor Larry.Hes the one who tried to set me up with his son a few times and told the whole church to join hands cause he knew Beau was to afraid to do so when we first started to date:P

w said...

normality is the center of questions that surround the most intellectual circumference of constant movement and requires the ramifications of actions to equal consequences greater than an absolute state of conscience.

you're very normal. just like me. yoooooooooooo gabba gabba!