Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Opinion...MY Opinion

When my Buggy was a tiny little tot and was eating 796 times a day (or really 8), I remember sitting in the living room feeding her in the middle of the night. I had the tv on and somehow it ended up on TLC.

Yep, you guessed it. I was watching Jon & Kate: Plus 8. I didn't know anything about it. It was just something that was on in the middle of the night that wasn't an infomercial. Several episodes were on and I kept watching. I was intrigued.

You see...Ansleigh had colic.

Wait. That's an understatement not many people REALLY understand. My child screamed pretty much 24 hours a day and my husband was on second shift building something to go into space. My life was a blur of tiredness. Then all of a sudden, here's this woman who has 8 kids. Little kids. EIGHT OF THEM.

I guess I kind of identified. I mean...no matter how much Ansleigh screamed, at least there weren't six of them doing it at one time! I mean...seriously.

So I started watching it whenever "nothing" was on. Then I started recording it. And Hubs started watching with me. I don't care who you are....6 partially Asian toddlers are dang cute.

I really enjoyed hearing the little ones say things like "aldergator" and "Hannah pooped. In Hannah's underwears."

Yes, Kate is somewhat....abrasive. But let's just be honest here....if you had that many kids and at that point in time were struggling to make ends meet, you'd be abrasive too.

It is true too that she's tough on Jon, not really the model of a Proverbs 31 wife. Let me just say this....SHE IS HUMAN and she makes mistakes. I am by no means her bff. I don't know her. What I do know is that she does her best to do what is right for her family and is openly raising her children to know about who God is. She tries her best (or at least she did) to keep God in the front of her mind so she didn't lose her mind.

So here it is...I've outed myself. I like to watch the show.

Now...unless you have moved off of planet Earth, you know at least something about the drama going on with them . There are rumors that Jon has been cheating on Kate. Rumors that Kate is too affectionate with her bodyguard. Rumors about divorce. But you see...that's the thing. Unless you are Jon or Kate, that's all they are....rumors.

I'm not an idiot. I know there is trouble in paradise. I know that there are people rooting for them to work it out and a whole lot more people waiting to see it all become one big disaster. There are people who absolutely adore the Gosslin family and people who can't stand them. I sort of straddle the fence, leaning over towards the side of loving them.

I think Kate shouldn't scream at and boss her husband. I think Jon should grow up and realize that he is a celebrity regardless of if he wanted to be or not and he can't act like he's 22. I think they should have beaten Mady's little butt often when she was being so sassy and throwing fits. I think a lot of things but it doesn't matter what I think. It matters what God thinks.

Cut these people some slack. If things work out, great! If they don't, it will be heartbreaking for all of them. The fame that has come with their show and changed their lifestyle has made an impact on their family. You don't see Kate's Bible verses plastered all over the house anymore. They both admitted on camera that they are putting on a happy face for the kids. Satan is attacking them from EVERY angle. Why? Because they are popular and because they have admitted they are christians. It is so easy to get caught up in the latest gossip. I'm horrible about being so interested in trashy celebrity gossip. But the more we read about Jon and Kate and the more people obsess over it, the more their lives are going to be plastered all over tabloids.

Love them. Hate them. I don't care.

All I'm saying is that when you know your brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering, shouldn't you be praying for them? They need strength and wisdom. They need honesty and real love. They don't need us tearing them down and talking about how we hate them and Kate is so mean and blah, blah, blah.

I'm not trying to be a TLC advocate by any means. It kind of bugs me that they still get everything free (Gymboree clothing for 8, free trips, etc.) when they are financially doing quite well but you know what? Whatevs. It isn't any of my business what people give them out of the goodness of their hearts (or a business plug).

God tells us that we are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves. Better yet. Love your neighbors the way you love your family and friends. If your bestie was going through a situation where she had 8 kids and her husband may be messing around on her, and her life seemed to be falling apart, you'd have her on the prayer list EVERY week in Sunday school. You'd be sending her verses of encouragment. You would be genuine in your efforts to help break Satan's hold on her life.

So do it. Not because she's your best friend, but because she is your sister in Christ and God commanded us to.

I mean...that's all I'm sayin.


michelle said...

I'm with you. I was broken for them for a few weeks and after watching last night though I just want to lock them both in a room, cancel the book deals and tv show and tell them to forsake fame and fortune. save your family. But, they (or you :) ) haven't asked my opinion.

MCEdwards said...

I totally agree with you Carrie. I get caught up in the "Jon cheated on her" and the whole bodyguard thing and have not been looking at it correctly. I think it's funny that our society doesn't view them as human and equally capable of sinning. It hasn't crossed my mind to pray for them, but you're right, we should and I will!

Continuously loving your blogs,

Lacey said...

AMEN to all of the above dear!