Thursday, May 14, 2009

chirp chirp tweet tweet

So it's official. I finally joined Twitter.

But probably not why you'd think. Yes, Anthony is on there. But that isn't why I joined it. Yes, it is the newest technology craze. But that isn't why either. Let me tell you the story.

Once upon a time (yesterday), in a far away land (Florida) PrincessMommy (me) got an email invite. It said, Dear PrincessMommy, Random Person wants to invite you to Twitter.

I didn't know who Random Person was. So I clicked the link. It took me straight to sign up. I was about to click away when I decided that it was really bothering me that I didn't know who Random Person was. So I joined. And it showed me who Random Person was. It told me that I was now following Random Person.

Now. I'm not following Random Person. Weirdo. But I am on Twitter so you can send me some tweets or whatever they call it.

By the way, Random Person really does have a name but I didn't think it would be sweet of me to call them out and then call them a weirdo. ;)

1 comment:

w said...

i'm going to join twitter because you're on there.

i have no idea what it is. or what to do with it.

my status will always say: i joined twitter.