Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southern Lady Southernness

I've been really wanting to do a post (or 10) about all that encompasses being southern. Tonight, I ran across this and simply could not put it better myself. :) I LOVE IT!

Southern Belle Etiquette--I have linked it (to give proper credit) but you are welcome to read it here. It kind of makes my heart smile.

Living in the South brings its own set of rules, especially to young girls and women. While these rules are not written, most southern belles learn them from their mothers and grandmothers. The rules involve entertaining, cooking, education and attitude.

A true southern belle has a charm that radiates whenever she enters the room. Her genuine smile and sweet southern drawl will turn anyone's head.

A true southern belle is always ready to help. She volunteers for organizations without a second thought. She is active in her community and also through her children's schools. She takes on projects that no one else will consider. This is her second nature.

A true southern belle does not care about the money. More than likely her family does not have much of it. Antiques and family traditions are more important. She would much rather have her mother's china or her grandmother's wedding band to hand down to her own family.

A true Southern belle knows her manners. She knows to put her napkin in her lap and to say "ma'am" and "sir". She says "excuse me" when she accidentally bumps into someone and "thank you" for gifts and compliments.

A true southern belle knows how to dress appropriately. She knows not to wear too revealing clothing in public.. However, she knows how to dress seductively in private.

A true southern belle knows how to entertain and cook. She always has a pitcher of iced tea prepared for her family as well as unexpected guests. She can cook fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. She has her mother's peach cobbler recipe tucked away in a safe place. Even if she can not cook biscuits, she knows how to buy them from the store and disguise them as her own.

A true southern belle knows the importance of education. She will finish high school, even if it is public education, and pursue further education at a public or private college or university. She will finish her college education and use the knowledge she has acquired in a career that brings personal satisfaction as well as honor to her family.

A true southern belle values her friends. She showers them with kindness and affection and expects nothing in return. She will do everything she can to ensure their happiness and well being. She leans on them for support and expects them to do the same with her.

Living in the South does not qualify every girl as a southern belle. A southern belle displays a grace that only few seem to show. It takes time, education, and perseverance to become a true southern belle.


Rachel said...

Lurve it!

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