Friday, April 24, 2009

Keyboard Confessions 2.0

Because I really loved doing the last one....

And because there are a few things I really should confess.

1. Wednesday morning I did something shameful. I had a glazed Krispy Kreme donut. Then...I had another one--covered in chocolate. I washed that down with a cherry coke. For breakfast. It was so good.

2. Last night while I was lying in bed, I came up with a big long list of these "confessions." Now I can only seem to remember the one.

3. Our bathtub is filled with clean clothes. Clean clothes that hang. Clean clothes that should be hanging in our closet, but I'm too lazy to hang them.

4. At the foot of our bed, we have two laundry baskets full of clean, folded clothes. Clean, folded clothes that should be put away. But I'm too lazy to do that either.

5. Because of this, hubs has to scrounge for clothes to wear each morning. I think he's becoming frustrated. He would never tell me this because he loves me too much...and also because I might suggest he put all those clothes up.

6. Saturday, we got Twilight (the movie) in the mail from Netflix. I watched it Saturday night. And Sunday night. Then all the extras. And then I watched it Tuesday night too. I have a problem.

7. I created a quiz on Facebook that people could take to see how well they know me.

8. I'm completely surprised at how many people have taken this quiz.

9. Also, apparently only my husband and my sister-in-law really know me well. My mom claims that is because the questions were trick questions. I disagree.

10. I must have been misleading people since almost everyone answered that I would rather bungee jump than eat at McDonald's. It is likely that I would bungee jump, given the opportunity. It is also true that I HATE McDonald's, however, I will never, ever, ever sing in front of other people...where they can hear me. .Ever. I do occasionally eat at McDonald's.

11. It seems I have earned the reputation of someone who eats healthy foods and preaches about buying organic....because I do. Then, when no one is looking (0r sometimes when my whole mom's group is looking) I inhale two donuts.

12. One time, a couple of years ago, we were visiting my in-laws and we were playing a game of Take 2 (similar to Scrabble) and I spelled the f-word. I couldn't make ANY other words. And it was a lot of points. A lot. brother-in-law and sister-in-law won't let me forget that I did it.

13. Yesterday, while at my weekly Beth Moore Bible study, I think God used Beth to encourage me to get my hair highlighted.

14. What really happened is that she made a joke about being blonder than she pays to be. I just interpreted that to be that God approves of me wasting entirely too much money to highlight my hair.

15. My child got up earlier than usual yesterday morning. To fill in some time before leaving the house, I straightened my hair. And left it down.

16. When hubs came home, he was surprised to see that I was all gussied up, and not what he usually finds....someone still in her pj's.

17. I noticed at Bible study that several of the ladies looked at me like I was a new girl. They weren't quite sure of who I was. Can fixing your hair instead of putting it into a ponytail really make that big of a difference?

18. I kept my cute clothes on and my hairs all did throughout the day in hopes that hubs would want to go out to eat for dinner. It worked. Except that me being dressed really had nothing to do with it. I just like to think that it did.

19. Last night I had a party. A Wii bowling pity party. No one else was invited. I'm NEVER going to reach pro status. Grrr.

20. Wednesday while washing dishes, I somehow managed to dump ALL the water from the sink all down the front of my clothes. Instead of changing clothes, I left my wet knit dress on...all day. That's about how long it took for it to dry too. All day. What a loser.

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Rachel said...

These confession things are fun! Love it :) We will never, ever let you live the "F" word incident down. Love you though!