Monday, April 27, 2009


In the last hour or so I've come to a few different realizations.

  1. I feel like a totally different person--more like myself--when I'm dressed cute and have my hair fixed and make up on.
  2. I was reading about "extravagant love." What does that make you think of? The first thing I thought of was, "Oh! The way Edward loves Bella! His love is so extravagant!" Then the realization came...God's love for me is sooooo much more extravagant than Edward's love could EVER be! God adores me. He wants to bless me abundantly! He wants to clothe me in garments of righteousness!
  3. How silly it is that the first thing I thought of was Twilight but how amazing my God is that he can use silly earthly things to help me understand the magnitude of His love for me!
  4. Going back to realization #1--I've been studying Esther and I was just blown away when I read that when she was first taken into the harem, she was given a year's worth of "beauty treatments." A year's worth of anything that would make her more beautiful! Can't you just imagine that!?!?! A year's worth of days at the salon having someone fix your hair for you, having your make up done professionally, tanning beds, massages, facials, manicures and pedicures---FOR A YEAR. Yes, please. This week in my Frazzled Female study, I was reading about how God has clothed us in royal attire and how the spiritual world sees us in that royal attire. Now you know as well as I do that when we are in our "royal" --best--attire, we carry ourselves differently. Our heads are held a little higher. There is more of a bounce in our step. We are more confident. Just think...God sees us dressed that way every single day! He wants to give us a lifetime of spiritual beauty treatments. How good that is for our souls! Just think about how good physical beauty treatments make us feel, then compare that to how our spiritual selves will feel after God gets a hold of us!
Now I know, some of you, when you read the title to this blog, were thinking this would be some kind of realizations about myself and how lame I am. Maybe you even thought you'd find a smidgey-smidge of humor here. Instead, you found a 1-2-punch. A blog about God. While that ultimately is the most important thing I could EVER blog about, just to keep things interesting, here are a few realizations that are probably more like what you expected to see.
  1. I must be either the lamest or the laziest person alive. I have now painted over my chipped toenail polish, not once, but twice. Lame.
  2. If you are spraying sunscreen, you should be more aware of where the wind is blowing. You see....if you spray yourself with sunscreen and the wind blows it away from your body, you won't actually get sunscreen on yourself. This leads to unsightly sunburn and lovely tan lines. I came to this realization yesterday. Idiot.
  3. I seem to be attracted to things that are addicting. I have found myself saying, "_______ is like crack. I love it." entirely too often these days. Twilight...I love it. It's like crack. Krispy Kreme donuts ....I love them. They are like crack. Couponing...I love it. Saving that much money is like crack. Ebay...I LOVE IT. It is like crack. Why must I be so addicted? And why do I compare it to crack? I have never had any experience with crack. Hmmm....
  4. I never seem to be super tight with people my own age. I'm always either really close to people younger than me, or more recently in life, with people that have seen more years than I have. Why is that? I must be a weirdo.

Okay--I'm done for the day. Peace out yo.

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soundsliketomatoes said...

Ok, #3, are you following me around?

Just curious.