Friday, April 17, 2009

Keyboard Confessions

Periodically, my friend (I call her that although we've never met) Kearsie does Keyboard Confessions on her blog and I absolutely love the randomness. It makes me giggle. Today she posted another one and in celebration of her, I'm doing one too.

1. I somehow got WAAAAY behind on my Beth Moore Bible study and so this Wednesday night (the night prior to the study meeting) I did two weeks of the study in one sitting. I was so proud of myself until I got to study and realized I was still a week behind. Humph.

2. I refuse to let my child watch Lazy Town or The Wiggles. They creep me out.

3. I rather entusiastically let my child watch Yo Gabba Gabba....twice a day. I'm such a contradiction.

4. I tried watching American Idol with my momma last week and it still bores me to tears. I literally cannot stand to watch it. I'm a fool for Dancing With the Stars though. Again...a contradiction.

5. This morning, I took a nap from 9-12 while my little one was napping. She is now napping again and I'm trying my best to hold my eyelids open to resist taking another nap. What a loser I am. Or--I have some kind of deficiency.

6. Tonight we are going to dinner with some friends and as far as I know, the plan is to go to a slightly pricey Italian place. I'm excited about going to dinner with other humans but at the same time, I'd prefer to go somewhere cheaper. I hate to think we'll be spending $40 + on dinner.

7. I don't want to spend money on an amazing dinner, but I do want to spend twice the amount to get my hair highlighted. Makes sense to me. :)

8. My friend had a minor outpatient surgery this morning and I was a nervous wreck all morning. Which is strange for me because usually things like that don't phase me at all. Does that make me generally heartless or just really in lurve with my friend?

9. I had a slightly strange dream this morning (during my nap) about my sister-in-law and her cutting my hair. It was weird but I'm wondering if that dream was God's way of telling me to get a haircut...and maybe some highlights while I am there.

10. Today I learned not to take a 16-month-old to Target and let her walk....on her own. I chased said child all over the store. She had a blast. I almost had a panic attack.

11. I thought I was finished with this...then I looked at my inspiration. Turns out I'm doing 15 instead of 10.

12. I secretly like *some* country music. Please don't tell anyone.

13. All my life I've been the beauty pageant kid....I'm okay with that. I actually kind of like it. Then I saw a picture of someone's child (age 4-ish) with a crown 7 times the size of her head. SHE IS A PAGEANT KID.

14. More times than not, when I take a drink of something, I miss my mouth and soak my shirt. This occasionally happens with my food too. Especially when there is marinara sauce involved. I've often been tempted to lick the marinara sauce off the shirt.

15. I love that my husband lets me put up a front that I'm well-mannered and lady-like and a good housewife. Because frankly, I'm not, but I want people to think I am. Shhh....don't tell.

Happy Friday!!! :)


Anonymous said...


Carrie, I love you and I don't even know you.

#9 - I often hear God tell me to eat Reese's Cups and drink a Diet Coke. He knows my heart well.

I cannot wait to meet you!!!

Rachel said...

The fact that you let sweet little Ansleigh watch Yo-Gabba-Gabba and yet you are completely creeped out by The Wiggles is hilarious! Yo-Gabba-Gabba is SCARY!

American Idol totally SUCKS!...Dancing With the Stars totally does not!

Anonymous said...

#2 - I broke up with The Wiggles for Imagination Movers, even though none of them have accents. LazyTown is SCARY!

#8 - I know you're not heartless, so you must be in lurve with said friend. She reciprocates -- big time!

#12 - How can a girl from Alabama only like *some* country music?! ;-)

Hugs said...

I too cannot watch American Idol. Don't get it...