Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Friday Confessions....

bahaha. No pun intended.

  1. I am masochistic. Sunday I ate at McDonald's for lunch on the way to the Art Festival. Sunday night, we had McDonald's on the way home from the dessert fellowship. Monday night Ansleigh and I had McDonald's on the way to Anthony's softball game. I could feel my insides rotting. Ugh. I hate it when convenience wins.
  2. Monday I did a week's worth of one of my Bible studies in a day so I'd be prepared for the meeting Monday night. Then....I skipped the meeting to go to the softball games.
  3. Tuesday evening, I cooked dinner. I mean....really cooked. I made spaghetti (which I haven't made in a while) with whole wheat pasta (spaghetti for us, rotini for Bugs). I defrosted and cooked the organic lean ground beef. I chopped up fresh parsley that I'm growing. I put in diced organic tomatoes. Yummy cheese. The point is, I worked harder than I usually do. When it was over with, I seriously felt like I deserved an award. Not because it was sooooo sinfully good (which it was) but because I actually made an effort. Bad Mommy!
  4. Thursday I went to Bible study without my Bible or my study book.
  5. Idiot.
  6. I did remember all the snacks though :)
  7. My husband loves me sooooo very much that he let me talk him into reading something I wanted him to---you know, so I could talk to him about it. He is now currently experiencing the coma. My, how I love him so.
  8. Husband signed us up for a month free trial of Amazon Prime--you order and you get it two days later. You pay a yearly fee and as a result, don't pay a shipping cost. Because of this month free trial, I feel the need to order every book I've ever wanted for my child. Hmmm.
  9. Because of Prime, we've gotten three Yo Gabba Gabba books and a DVD, just this week.
  10. I've recently suckered several of my friends into my couponing madness. Finally, I'm not alone.
  11. I started working on this post early in the week so I wouldn't forget the good stuff I came up with. What a loser.
  12. Last weekend, Ansleigh got up earlier than usual and to keep my eyelids open, I did a general search on Etsy for hair bows. It turned up 994 pages of results.
  13. I looked at over 500 of them.
  14. I ended up buying three sets of hairbows.
  15. I no longer have a bath tub full of clean clothes. They are all put away, finally.
  16. Now I have both sides of the sink full of dirty dishes.
  17. I want some french toast. In a real bad way.
  18. Still.
  19. I wanted it for dinner last night but was too tired/sick to go get some.
  20. Kearsie--copying is the highest form of a compliment. :) Consider this a weekly compliment.

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Anonymous said...

My dearest Mrs. Friday, you are my new BFF.

Also, just ignore my comment to a commenter on my blog where I stated she is my new BFF.