Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where Does it Go?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about where my time goes.

Yes, I spend time cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc. But I have a lot of time on my hands that I think gets wasted.

For instance, if I sat down and counted how many hours of tv I watch in a day, I'm pretty sure the results would blow my mind. Even if I just counted the "prime time" shows that we watch.

And not only the tv, but the computer too. How many hours a day do I waste getting on my computer checking Facebook for status updates or ebay (although I am a day short of being two weeks ebay free) or any other website for that matter.

Watching tv is relaxing and is like reading a good book. It's exciting, it is entertaining, and most of all, it provides something to do. But what would I do if we didn't have tv? My friend, Lacey, mentioned to me last week-ish that they don't have cable anymore and I remember telling her that I would die without it. Seriously, I think I would die...from boredom. How did I get to that point? Ansleigh watches tv all day (in the background) which I know is "bad for her" but it is on while she is playing and eating. We might could make it through the day without the tv on...maybe. But what about at night? If we took away the tv shows, it would be replaced with computer stuff...which we are already doing while we are watching tv.

As Christians, we are command to think about "whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable" but honestly, I'm pretty sure that doesn't really happen when I am watching tv. And if it does, it is most likely me thinking about these good things that are no longer on tv. So tv is out? Right? ....probably not. But maybe I should focus a lot less on having the tv on and spend more time playing outside, or reading a good book.

As far as the internet goes, that makes things a little more complicated. I think there are things on the internet that are pure, lovely, and admirable....even on Facebook. It *can* provide a place for Christians to fellowship, share encouragement, and just be friends. There are blogs that can provide these things as well.

In fact, I'd like to argue that *some* of my time on the internet is well spent. I've been spending time searching to find coupons and deals to be able to buy my family the things we need at the cheapest possible price. That has every good intention possible. Occasionally (ok so maybe more than just occasionally) I shop online for clothing, shoes, etc. because it is just easier and since joining UPromise, each time I do so, a percentage of my total cost is going into an account to save for college for the Bug. I think that is wise and maybe even admirable. I mean...if I'm going to buy the stuff anyway, might as well, get some of that money spent going towards books or whatever for the bug when she's at Auburn :)

But what about all that time I spend reading the CRAP on people.com or the time I spend in Pet Society, or Fashion Wars, or whatever other application on Facebook? What about the time I spend lusting over clothing for Bugs that I KNOW I won't be spending that much money on but love it anyway? The time I waste on things like that...I'm pretty sure I could find something more pleasing to God to do with my time, even if it is just going for a walk.

How do you spend your time? How much of your time is wasted?

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Lacey said...

Well, we got rid of our internet last week too. Giving up TV wasn't too hard, giving up the internet has been ROUGH! God is showing us a lot, but I will be thankful when this trying time ends! :-)