Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First of all, I made a trip to Walgreens today (after a consultation with a new friend!). I ended up buying $28.89 worth of various "stuff."

Guess how much of our money I spent?


It is OK to be amazed. I am. I got free toothpaste, free eyedrops, a prize for my friend Winn, some peeps for Buggy's easter basket, cottonelle wipes, and some smancy nail polish (for my toes, of course). That's a lot of mess for less than $6.


When Ansleigh went down for her nap, I sat down with receipts and a calculator and started doing some math (Scarey...I know).

I've been couponing for about two-in-a-half weeks.

These are the trips I've made and the savings at each store:
  • 3 trips to Publix with a total savings of $80.09
  • 1 trip to Walgreens with a savings of $23. 19
  • 1 trip to CVS with a savings of $41.57
  • 1 trip to Walmart with a savings of $9.27
  • 1 trip to Target with a savings of $10.20

I can't believe in just two weeks of some simple work and reading, I've saved us almost $200. Granted, I've had some help from some friends and some amazing blogs, but

And with the exception of the eyedrops, EVERYthing I've bought in that time period has been things we needed or things I was going to buy anyway and will be used.

I'm not a genius at this stuff, but if you are interested in getting started, let me know. I'll point you in the right direction.

P.S. When I figured out my total savings and called Anthony, I'm pretty sure he peed in his pants with excitement. :) Yay!

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The Langfords said...

Looks like you are doing great!! You don't need me to drive down there, but if you lived a little closer I might consider a day trip. I will be honest with you...I was really nervous my first 4-5 trips and would be shaking the whole time. Now I am so excited by the savings that I can't wait to go and save big. Keep up the good work!! Happy Saving!!