Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Plan

Let me tell you a story plan. My CVS plan to be precise.

Out of their entire ad, I saw 4 things I really want to buy. After going back and looking at it, I'm pretty sure I may do one other transaction...but for now, let's just talk about the basic plan.

I am learning that the trick to maximize your savings and minimize your out-of-pocket spending is to do multiple transactions (being courteous to cashiers, letting others go ahead of you, etc.).

So...with that in mind:

Transaction #1:
Palmolive Dish Soap $1.49
Earning $1 ECB

*I am going to try to get this to work with the Palmolive Free & Clear...which is what I prefer, but also because I have a 75¢ off coupon which would put me spending 74¢ and earning $1 in-store money.

**You could do this plus all the rest minus the coupon (which is what I'm going to have to do if it doesn't work) and get all these same bargains because I have no other coupons. Just so you know.

Transaction #2:
Oral B Dental Floss $2.99
Pay with $1 ECB (earned from previous purchase)
Total = $1.99
Earning $2 ECB

Transaction #3:
Physican's Formula Powder $14.99
Pay with $2 ECB (earned from previous purchase)
Total= $12.99
Earn $10 ECB

Transaction #4:
**There are several products that qualify for this....ANY Maybelline product or ANY Garnier product. Buy $10 worth, earn $5 ECB

Maybelline Mascara (2) $6 each
Total= $12
Pay with $10 ECB (earned from previous purchase)
Total= $2
Earn $5 ECB

Total spent (if coupon doesn't work)= $18. 47
Total earned in ECB's = $18
Essentially I will have spent 47¢ on all these products.

If coupon does work, total spent would be $17.72, earning $18 in ECB's. I would essentially spend $0 of our money.

Those of you who don't coupon and/or don't know how to "CVS"...this would be something easy to do. Usually I print out my plan and carry it in with me so you could just print this. Seriously. It's that easy. Get the stuff. Take it to the register. Follow the instructions. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

My 5th Transaction that I will most likely do is this:
4 12pk. cokes for $13
Pay with $5 ECB (earned from 4th transaction)
Total due= $8
Earn $3 ECB's to use on next purchase

***This would make me paying $5 for 4 12pk. of cokes making them $1.25 apiece. That...I can handle.

If you really wanted to, you could add this 5th transaction to your list too :)

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a pro at this and it is possible/likely that there is a better way to purchase all this mess and spend less out of pocket although, if there is, I don't know of it.

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