Thursday, March 19, 2009

Check Your Kmart


Several Kmarts are going to be doubling coupons under $2 and you can use up to 25 coupons (non-printables).

Go here for all the details--I love Southern Savers.

I already checked the one in Palm Bay and they aren't....BOOOOOO! But I thought I'd pass along the info just in case your Kmart is.

Also, I made a trip to CVS tonight. Did 3 transactions. All-in-all I bought a toothbrush, two boxes of band-aids, a neo-to-go (neosporin), a refill pack for that, aveeno hydrocortisone cream, and a pack of diapers. Saved $22, got $14.99 in ECB's, and spent around $25. I could have cut down the cost (and cut down the ECB's) by not buying as many bandaids and neosporin but Ansleigh walks so much these days and stumbles so much and always wants to be outside so I thought I'd stock up :)

Just in case you are wondering.

Haven't made it to anywhere else this week. I've been sick all stinkin week and we've had things going on every night this week leaving me no time to get anything done. Somehow between tomorrow and Saturday I've got to make it to Walgreens, Target, and Toys R Us....and maybe JoAnn's. Maybe Bugs will be in a good mood tommorrow.

OH! OH! One more thing....the April issue of All You magazine is out at Walmart and has over $51 worth of coupons in it.

Anyway, happy shopping!

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