Monday, March 2, 2009

Publix Clarification

I assume this goes for all the Melbourne-area Publix stores but since I use the Bayside Publix most often, that's where I called.

I've been getting frustrated reading about some policies that *some* Publix stores honor and some don't so I decided to call and speak to a manager and find out.

Here is what I have learned:
  1. The mystery penny item--it does not apply in Florida. I didn't think it did but wanted to ask while I was asking...just to see. Couldn't hurt anything.
  2. As far as honoring other stores' prices--must be a coupon, not an ad. As far as if the store needs to be local (Food Lion, Kroger, etc.) he said there must be one in the county which would make it a competitor. Any *grocery* store coupons will be honored but as far as coupons from Walmart or Kmart he said he'd "just have to see it." The explaination for this is that they run a different price plan (or something like that) that Publix. He gave me an example saying that Walgreen's used to sell their diapers at full price but then would send out a $5 off coupon whereas Publix says they sell their diapers at cost or under so they would lose money honoring those coupons.
  3. I also asked if they doubled coupons under fifty cents...non-florida Publix stores do but he said here they do not and he thought the closest Publix that did was in Atlanta.
If you live in the area, these will probably all apply to you, which is why I posted this. I will tell you that I am learning to just call and ask. The manager was super friendly and told me that I was welcome to bring ANY coupon in and he'd look at it for me and see what he could do to help me out. :) Just one more reason why shopping at Publix is a pleasure :)

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