Friday, January 1, 2010

A Decade of Confessions

  • I was a Junior in high school for the first part of the year and a Senior the second part of the year.
  • I went to my second ever Auburn football game and my first ever Auburn basketball game.
  • I was driving my beloved red eclipse with my Auburn tag
  • Spring 2000 I went to three proms, two in one night.
  • Accomplished life goal number 2 (become editor-in-chief of my school newspaper)
  • cheered during the pregame show of the Citrus Bowl where Auburn played Michigan. War Eagle.
  • I graduated from high school May 24.
  • Accomplished life goal number 3 (graduated top 20 in my class with an "A" average)
  • Accomplished life goal number 4 (attended Auburn University)
  • moved into my first apartment
  • Had root canal #1
  • I met Anthony. :) :) :) :) :)
  • My great grandmother passed away. The one I blog about who was super awesome. My favorite. Totally bummed.
  • started dating my love March 9th, which accomplished life goal number 4 (meet man of my dreams).
  • got a job engraving jewelry
  • took two summer classes (Political Econ and PreCal).
  • almost broke up with my love over being tutored in PreCal. stupid math.
  • got the Jeep :)
  • best college friend moved in with me
  • my sweet, sweet Turner was born
  • I survived my Ethics class, which is a major accomplishment
  • root canal #2
  • root canal #3
  • declared my major
  • got a job working for the City of Auburn Parks & Rec...ran their little league cheerleader program and coached the team.
  • went on my first Friday Family ski trip
  • tried out for cheerleader at Auburn University. didn't make it. crushed life goal number 5.
  • got engaged to love of my life. checked off
  • moved out of my first apartment and into a duplex with two sweet friends.
  • got braces.
  • had two teeth pulled because of braces.
  • had 5 bridal showers. no, you read that correctly....five.
  • sister got married
  • braces removed
  • Hubs and I got married (3 months later)
  • had an AMAZING tan :)
  • went on my first cruise
  • finished last semester of classes as a married woman
  • last year of coaching little league cheerleaders
  • went on my second Friday Family ski trip....where I skied into a tree. Good times.
  • Hubs got pneumonia and skied with it. Yeah, he's intense.
  • interned as a 7th and 8th grade English teacher at Sanford Middle School.
  • had the world's most awful cooperating teacher. she never even came to school. wow.
  • Graduated from Auburn University--life goal #6 :)
  • Was hired for my first teaching job at Wachoochee. :)
  • Coached girls basketball
  • my basketball team won the county championship, with my parents there watching :)
  • got preggers with my buggy-boo
  • the day after I found out, the nausea began.
  • flew to Melbourne, FL for the first time. Found a house and made an offer (all in the same weekend)
  • turned in my resignation for teaching :(
  • Moved 10 hours from home.
  • Spent the remainder of the year vomiting.
  • Had my sweet buggy-boo a month early. Life goal #7 :)
  • spent my year being immersed in mommy-hood. all things bottles. diapers. poo. baby food.
  • began this blog
  • went camping for the first time in my life which would have been a blast had we not taken a 3 month old colicky baby.
  • got a job coaching middle school cheerleaders
  • celebrated my little one's first birthday pink ladybug style
  • went on my third Friday Family ski trip. avoided all trees.
  • got hired as a Varsity Cheerleader coach. Life goal #8.
  • got an iphone--it has ruined my life.
  • got a Wii.
  • went on camping trip #2....much more fun this time around.
  • started a cheerleading program from scratch in a month
  • went "real" trick-or-treating for the first time in my life

What kind of things will 2010 hold for me to confess??? bff Jill.

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w said...

*hired my first assistant coach winn.
*taught my first assistant coach how to do the running man.
*got my mom to pick up my first assistant coach at the airport.

happy new year.