Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's Discuss Santa

First of all, let me say, you know it is time to post a new blog when you are getting hate mail via facebook from people for not posting. :) Kind of makes me smile and also feel like a loser all at the same time.

Moving on................

So Santa. My WHOLE life, Santa has always delivered presents wrapped with beautiful bows and gift tags. The big stuff (bikes, power wheels, THE dollhouse, trampoline) were never wrapped. They were always put together with a big bow on them.

All my friends I grew up with, well...Santa did the same thing at their house. Never thought a thing about it.

Until this year, when my world got rocked. My sister-in-law (whom I love dearly) explained to me that Santa does not have time to wrap presents. The presents are always just placed under the tree, ready to be played with or tossed aside.

Apparently, Santa always did that at her house growing up too. And at Hubs' house.



No, seriously.


Santa was visiting Ansleigh at Nana and Papa's house this year. T and AC were being visited by Santa there too. Needless to say, to be consistent, Santa delivered the presents not wrapped, put together, ready to be ignored (in Ansleigh's case).

I chalked it up to just being something weird. A fluke. Whatevs.

Then, I started looking through pictures on facebook from Santa visits and noticed that the other people I am friends with from Prattville (sis-in-law's hometown), well....Santa delivered all their presents unwrapped and put together. What the?????

So I'm wondering, does Santa only deliver unwrapped presents to Prattville and surrounding locations or does he do this world-wide?

I mean, I've never heard or seen of such.

How does the Big Guy deliver the presents to your house? Or were you always too bad to get anything?


Melanie said...

Santa always had our presents unwrapped and put together. Sorry, Carrie! Santa has done the same for Caroline the last two years too...I thought that was just how Santa delivered the presents. You could have The Polar Express on your side though--Santa's presents are wrapped on the movie. :)

Anonymous said...

santa never wrapped our gifts either- and now sweet L is getting unwrapped, put together toys too! maybe it is a pville thing... i'm personally a fan b/c it's less paper & mess i have to clean up PLUS no one has to worry w/cutting barbie out of her box while L screams for it!

Ashley said...

Santa never wrapped our gifts in DeLand Fl nor does he deliver wrapped gifts to Melbourne Fl and a friend from Bham who lived in Andalusia...well, same boat..however, Santa will unbox and battery up gifts from now on...such as all have explained..ready to play with--no waits and hassels of wire ties, screws, and plastic tie downs

Joy said...

Santa ALWAYS wraps presents in his special only available to Santa Claus wrapping papers. He usually uses a LOT of tape too to make presents extra fun (challenging) to open so the parentals can take LOTS of pics :)

Something that Santa only did at our house (which was the coolest thing EVER) was that he decorated our Christmas tree while we were sleeping Christmas Eve night:) Yup that means we had a bare and naked tree up until Christmas day. Sometimes, when he was running late, he would ask my mom to help him with the lights. It was AMAZING!

Much More Than Mommy said...

You and I had the same Santa then. Growing up, EVERY gift (unless it was big, like a bike) was wrapped, had a bow, and a gift tag. And I never heard it being any other way until you mentioned this!

Kristen said...

Santa always delivered our presents wrapped. That was in Mobile.