Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Presents

Tis the season to spend all your money buying people stuff that they may or may not even like.

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE giving to others. I'm one of those people. I invest a lot of thought into what we give each and every person (and not just for Christmas either). I want them to enjoy what we give them. I want them to be able to use what we give them. I want them to be surprised at how much thought we (ME) put into the gift.

Of course, I start planning late August/ early September for who we need to buy for and what we will give them. Because Ansleigh's birthday is in December, we (I) usually purchase her birthday present in September, her Christmas stuff in October, and everyone else in November....early November. Then I wrap and wrap and tie some bows and try to make everything look special.

Because I spend so much time on most of the gifts, I have really been thinking lately about the best presents I have been given. What were they? Why were they special? Were they the expensive ones? Something I desperately wanted? Maybe.

So here it list of the best Christmas presents I have EVER gotten.

  1. Bow Baby (who is much more of a tot now than a baby). She was due January 6th. We weren't going to be able to travel for the holidays. I was depressed and lonely. I went into labor 3 and 1/2 weeks early. I convinced myself it was Braxton Hicks. 48 hours later, I was holding my sweet precious baby in my arms. I got her for Christmas. And got to see our family. And was lonely no more. To be honest, she is the most special thing I have ever seen. She's been a bit pricey too :) and was for sure someone I was desperate to have.
  2. The world's most amazing least to me. I was somewhere around 2nd or 3rd grade. I had seen it in some dress shop in Gadsden that my momma always made us go to. I didn't mind so much because I played with the dollhouse the whole time. I enjoyed it but didn't ask for it. Didn't really think I'd ever get it. Little did I know, my parents scrimped and saved and spent every last penny to buy me that dollhouse. They spent HOURS putting the thing together Christmas Eve while we were sleeping. When I got up that morning, I saw it and fell in love. I can't even remember anything else I got for Christmas. I played with it for years and years and years. I still have it. And I plan on giving it to Ansleigh when she's old enough to enjoy it and not destroy it. The dollhouse was the Playmobil Grand Mansion. It isn't made anymore. And FYI, it currently sells on Amazon for $1,375.75. :) She better love it!
Of course, there have been other gifts over the years that have meant a lot to me (the necklace Anthony gave me our first Christmas together), the Coach purse my sister gave me when I was so desperate to have it, etc. But the two I explained have been my favorite. One, a gift from God, and the other, a gift from Santa (aka: the world's most sacrificing parents).

What have been your favorites and why?

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