Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Confessing Some New Things for the New Year

Just a few things to start the year out right....

  • I've lost 8 pounds and am down a pants size.
  • But it isn't enough that people notice, so I think I would like someone to make me a shirt that says, "I've lost 8 pounds. Tell me I look skinny."
  • My goal was only 15 so I'm 1/2 way there. But since you can't tell when you look at me, I should shoot for more.
  • I really hate the taste of diet. Diet ANYthing, but especially things that have Splenda in it. I swear I can still taste that aftertaste for 10 years.
  • Occasionally, I get into this mood where I want to throw everything not nailed down into the trash. I'm not talking about a gentle cleaning-out. I mean THROW EVERYTHING AWAY.
  • I may or may not have done that recently.
  • As in today. I found two kitchen trash bags full of just plain garbage in Ansleigh's closet. Yes, her closet.
  • Monday, I cleaned out our bathroom cabinets and got rid of an entire garbage bag of disgusting old crap.
  • That same night, I did the same thing with the kitchen.
  • Usually this mood only lasts about a day or two at the max. I'm going on day 3 now and contemplating hitting up the other bathroom, our bedroom, and Ansleigh's room.
  • Oh, and the guest room.
  • I FINALLY found the bedding I want for in there. And I'm getting itchy to go buy it. It's at Target. Check it out.
  • I'm thinking either these sheets or these. Thoughts?
  • Also, could someone donate all the money for these? That'd be great.


w said...

nice bedding. 2nd sheet set. i'll donate the money. when i get paid. as assistant coach.

who's gonna make you a shirt that says you've lost 8 pounds. i'll tell you who. your most favorite person who owns an embroidery machine. that's who. your momma. i'm not saying "your momma" to be rude. i'm saying. your momma as in she can make it.

man. i'm leaving a really long comment. maybe it's because i haven't seen you in about 42 years.

i love diet. and splenda. also. i have a coke bottle cap number for you. oh wait. i just looked over at the counter. i think it done got throwed away.

also. you should delete that button of mine on your blog. it leads to nessa's photobucket account. grab a new button from my blog.

peace out.

Much More Than Mommy said...

Congrats on the 8 pounds!!

Diet... It's an acquired taste. Believe me, I know. When I'm out and order a Diet Coke, if I can, I splash in some Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke, or I ask for it to be done. I think that helps! ;-)

Lacey said...

Lovely bedding! 1st sheet set is my pick. I'm so proud of your weight loss. I'm working on it, but haven't done quite as well as you have! Give that sweet Ansleigh a hug from us!

ssowell said...

you are skinny. that's PROBABLY why we arent saying "gah you look skinny" b/c you already are! and i agree- splenda and diet drinks are GROSS. and i'm a certified chunker- as is if it isnt nailed to the ground, i will CHUNK it. :)
please let me come clean out that guest room. i would be in heaven.
2nd sheet set... and i'd offer to pay but you know L doesnt pay me to be her awesome mom. :(

honesteagurl said...

i vote for the 2nd 'these' sheets :)

Cindy said...

I vote second set of sheets too and as for the favorite person that could make the the time I get time you would have lost more weight and then you would want one that says I've lost 10 pounds or 15 pounds, so in this case procrastination will be in my best interest :)