Thursday, June 25, 2009

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time, Miss Peppy McPeppy Pants left home at the ripe young age of 17 to attend a major university [cough, cough, WAR EAGLE]. On Peppy's first day of class, she went to a social gathering at the local Baptist Campus Ministries. While there, Peppy noticed Mr. Extremely Good Looking. They met. They talked. She swooned.

For months, she admired him from a distance. Over analyzing every hug, every ponytail swish. But Peppy was an impatient girl. VERY impatient. So she gave up. Moved on. Adored him from afar.

Then, approximately six months after meeting, Mr. Extremely Good Looking discovered Peppy's existance. He started hanging out with her all the time. Before she knew it, they were dating. Within a few months things were serious. Very serious. Mr. Extremely Good Looking declared his love and his intentions to marry her...much later on. She was only 18, you know.

They dated. And dated. And dated a while longer. He tutored her in math. She did his laundry for him. It was real lurve.

Then, they went with Peppy's family on their family vacation. One night, Peppy and Good Looking went for a walk on the beach. He mumbled some things. Rambled a little bit. Then asked Peppy if he could keep her forever. He got on one knee, asked her to marry him, and watched at her slightly shocked expression.

She said yes.

Then there was wedding planning. And some more wedding planning. And 752 showers (which were greatly appreciated).

Finally, the big day arrived. Peppy worried about all the details not working out perfectly. She stressed. Maybe panicked a smidge. Then she walked down the aisle and saw Good Looking and all was right with the world. There were some slideshows, some vows, some "I do's", and even some cake.

They honeymooned in Mexico. They moved into their cardboard box apartment. They lived their happy young people lives. He went to grad school. She graduated and got a job teaching. They lurved each other.

He got a job....a LONG way from home. She got pregnant. They moved and bought their first house. He worked, she threw up. They lurved each other.

Then Bow Baby arrived. They loved her. They hugged her. Kissed her. Fed her. Even brought her home and decided to keep her.

Bow Baby cried. A lot. Peppy wasn't so peppy anymore. Good Looking helped out where he could. Then, after a few months Bow Baby stopped screaming so much. Ahhh....

Bow Baby grew. They all loved. It was perfect.

It is perfect because they love each other. They love Bow Baby and she loves them. They are a family. And today Peppy and Good Looking are celebrating their 4 year wedding anniversary.

The end.

Also, in case you are incredibly dense, Peppy = Carrie, Extremely Good Looking = Anthony, Bow Baby = Ansleigh. That's math even I can do.


just me said...

I'm so sappy...this made me tear up a little, guess 'cause I lurve your little family too :)

the other Carrie

Rachel said...

You're a dork...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! :)

w said...

sap sap sap sap panicked sap sap sap.

my word verification is "coffe". i want to add the extra "e". but then this comment won't show.