Friday, June 26, 2009

Confessions from the road

1. riding in the car is boring yo.
2. This iPhone has made me understand what It is like to be a crack addict.
3. Erm...
4. My eyelids feel like they weigh 10 thousand pounds.
5. Why is it that a grown woman can hardly ride in the car without sleeping yet my child is wide awake.
6. Speaking of the kid, apparently all the cool kids answer mommy by saying "no way."
7. I am not a fan of that .
8. We (I) almost left the rice krispy treats at home.
9. Good thing I remembered while we were still in the neighborhood .
10. Are we there yet?
11. Mrs.GPS says we still have 3 more hours.
12. My thoughts on that: GAY!!!!!
13. Ansleigh must have thrown her cup out the window because it seems to be MIA.
14. Also, she is reading various books in the dark.
15. Dude. Do you know how hard it is to blog on this clicky typer thing?
-- Post From My iPhone

1 comment:

w said...

you did not visit me. i think that says enough by itself.

but i'll add in this. be safe whilst you are away. otherwise, i'll have no one to see new moon with.

you are still seeing new moon with me, right?