Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Confessions

  1. This week I've been teaching preschool crafts at VBS. It is such a fun job! It has thoroughly pooped me out.
  2. The left shift key keeps sticking on my computer so every time I try to capitalize something, I have to use the force of 1000 warriors to make it actually function correctly.
  3. I can't begin to tell you how irritating that is.
  4. Everyday this week I've taken a nap. All those little kiddos and all the glue really took a toll on me.
  5. Today, I laid Ansleigh down and then laid myself down.
  6. That was about 1:15 ish. We woke up about 4:30. We're losers. Both of us.
  7. Right now we're watching the newest Indiana Jones movie.
  8. So far, it's kind of gay. He just hid inside a refrigerator to save himself from an atomic bomb.
  9. Like I
  10. I've started reading the fifth Harry Potter again. I needed some kind of mindless fiction to read.
  11. I chose Harry Potter because I'm trying desperately not to fall into the Coma again.
  12. Next week I go in for my "annual" exam. I'm super pumped. Except that I'm not. At all.
  13. I've got a list of things to give my doctor to tell her all the things that are wrong with me. That should be a good time.
  14. Dude. Harrison Ford is old. And all wrinkly.
  15. I can't think of anything else.
Have an awesome weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I thought the only redeeming quality of the new Indiana Jones movie was Shia LeBeof. It might be because I have a teensy crush on him.