Friday, June 12, 2009

I Finally Caved

You see...I have this favorite pair of shoes.

My rainbow flip flops. I got them shortly after we got married (4 years ago). I've pretty much worn them for at least a short period of time every single day since I've gotten them. They are well lurved.

See? See how nice and worn in they are?

I lurve them.

My mom has been on me for over a year now about how I need to get a new pair. For me, that was not an option. My floppers still fit. They were comfortable. They weren't broken. Why get new ones?

When Chad & Rachel were here, I had them on and we got rained on all day. Big deal. Except that they are so worn and well-loved that the leather started breaking apart. Boooooooo.

Still didn't merit getting a new pair.

Until this week. At VBS. The front of the toe part started peeling off. I kept tripping. And tripping. Poor shoes. And, all of a sudden, they no longer supported my feet the way they used to which equals some serious leg pain after walking around all day.


So I finally broke down. Tonight, I bought a new pair.

See? All new and nice and shiney. Believe it or not, the first pair used to look just like this.

Think it is only a color difference? Look at the bottoms?
Now, I will spend the next few weeks rubbing blisters and molding these new floppers to my weird skinny feet. Farewell old rainbows. It's been a good relationship. We have had good times. Shared good memories. But. It's time you retired. You will be missed.


Cindy said...

Smile, smile, smile

Marlene said...

I love Rainbows. Especially the double stacked soles. Did you get the thick soles?