Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Confessions

  • I am now a member of the iphone community via hand-me-down, which I'm totally cool with.
  • Right now I'm living up life listening to Pandora play me a variety of Taylor Swift songs.
  • BAHAHAHAHAHA. Apparently Pandora was still signed in to Anthony's account.
  • That means I just added the Taylor Swift station to his account. Hahahahaha.
  • I'm sure you're probably tired (already) of hearing all about my new iphone experiences so I should probably stop.
  • But I won't.
  • I might go on FOREVA about my new iphone.
  • Ok.
  • I'm done now.
  • Last night, I went to Walmart. In the middle of the night. SCARY!!! Seriously.
  • Have I ever mentioned (only 7,000 times) that I hate shopping at Walmart?
  • Why? Because they make me spend too much money! I have to divert my eyes constantly. It isn't like going into Publix and you breeze down the aisles and grab what you need. No. The whole freakin store has EVERYthing you could ever think of. So then you are all like, "Oh yeah. We need shampoo. Oh yeah, Ansleigh needs a new coloring book. Oh yeah, I need to spend 10 million dollars." GRRRRRRRRRR.
  • I hate walmart. Devil!!!!
  • Sam what's-his-face is the devil for making that blasted store.
  • Next week we're leaving to go on my family's annual beach vacation.
  • Rest assured, we're going to a different beach than the one we live near. One 7 hours away. Just to be clear. But still in Florida. How weird is that?
  • Just to give you an idea of how OCD I am, I was put in charge of the food planning for our trip. We now have a menu (all three meals) for everyday of the week. Plus an itemized, categorized grocery list, complete with snacks, drinks, and paper goods.
  • I really LOVE giving a song the thumb's up or thumb's down on Pandora. It is a sick power trip.
  • I'm going to see New Moon with Winn. In November.
  • Did I mention there is this freakin awesome blogger type application for the iphone so I can blog from my iphone? Did I tell you that?
  • I'm blogging from my iphone right now. Except that I'm a liyah and I'm really not. Because I really suck at typing things on that touchy-touchy keyboard thing.
  • I exercised this week. Are you proud?
  • You shouldn't be. I only did it one day this week. I did two workouts on my Wii Fitness Coach thingy and then Bug and I walked 2.5 miles. But then nothing else. Because I'm a loser.
  • I went to the lady doctor this week. Good news. All my parts are still there. Is that TMI? Also, she's testing my iron (b/c I sleep all the time) and my thyroid. Just because. That means they sucked my blood. The whole time I was thinking, I bet it wouldn't hurt this much if it was Edward Cullen doing it.
  • I have serious issues. I know.
  • I'm going to have my teeth cleaned this afternoon. I can almost guarantee you that I"ll come back with the report that I have 762 cavaties and need to have 7 teeth crowned, just in case, and who knows what else. Trust me. This will happen.

While I'd love to stay and chat, I have more iphone thingys to get done so HOLLA. :) Have an amazing weekend ya'll.


w said...

oh my gosh. i was desperately reading down your confessions to see if you would mention seeing 'new moon' with me.

it's like. confirmation is the best thing in the whole world. aside from love. and b*c*n.

i can't type out the whole b*c*n because pigs eat people. but still.

Anonymous said...

Tis is true travesty that we don't live in the same town. Or state.

Lacey said...

Which beach are you going to because we'll be at the beach next week too! We leave tomorrow. How cool would it be for our girls to meet on the beach!!

The St. John Family said...

Okay one as if you didn't know I am so jealous you are going on the beach trip and I am still stuck in AZ in a dry dry desert!!! Next what blog application are you using??