Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sweeter Than Chocolate

Earlier this week, I came across some blogs that strictly blog about children's clothes. Boutique-ish children's clothes. My obsession. Now I'm not going to start a new blog about clothes (YET) but I will share my newest lurve.

Gymobree has a new line out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweeter Than Chocolate
Clearly, I am a fan of the polka dots. They have several pieces with little bon bons on them. Some stripes and other cute stuff. I just didn't want to save all the pictures of every piece of the line. These are just my favs. The last two pictures are from the kid girl sizes. Bummer. I would buy them for Ansleigh.

You can find it at (click on baby girl or kid girl--depending on the sizes you are looking for).

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