Saturday, October 18, 2008

Teacher Thought/Idea

I was looking through facebook and noticed one of my old Auburn classmates has a blog link on her profile. I clicked it and was amazed!

It is for her students!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her blog posts are thought provoking ideas or questions and the kids have to respond by commenting. They get a weekly blog grade! Each blog post they have to write at least a paragraph answering the post. Sometimes, she even makes them use their vocabulalry words in their paragraphs!

What an amazing idea. Seriously.

Emily (said "old classmate") teaches at a Presbyterian school that I assume is a private school. Private school kids have home computers (mostly) b/c their parents have the money to pay for their improved education.

I wonder/would like to see if this would be feasible in a public school environment. Public school kids generally do not all have computer access unless it is provided at school. This would mean taking them to the computer lab once a week to do an assignment that I think would work much better on a homework type basis.

What an amazing way to incorporate technology into the classroom and what a freakin awesome way of putting a twist on the boring old everyday "journal." And...girl is a freakin genuis b/c she can check their homework and grade it from home, while watching tv. I used to love grading papers at home so I could share the hilarity of my kids' work with Anthony.

Teachers and Non-Teachers alike, I want to know what you think. Seriously. Yall know I'm planning on going back to teaching next year and I'd like to have a way to feasibly work this into my classroom. I need ideas of how to make this work or at least an alternative for the kids who do not have computer access.

Ideas please!?!?!


Lacey said...

That's a great idea! I don't have any suggestions on how to make it work, but cool idea. Love you guys!

Hugs said...

I realize I teach in a "rich" part of B'ham but our kids have laptops in school that we check out and they use in the classroom. I have had several book discussions on blogs from WebCT that the kids have to post on weekly. It's a great idea, but, like you said, you have to have an alternate grading method for those without computers.