Saturday, October 25, 2008

Job Opportunities???

So I'm going back to work next year.

I am proud that I will have spent Ansleigh's first year on earth at home with her, even if I do have to hide from her sometimes. :o)

I have not missed one single milestone. Her first smile, her first laugh, first roll-over, first sit, first stand, first words "mama"....I've been there for all of it. This is important to me. It will be important to me when we we reproduce again.

God has another purpose for me, other than being mommy. God planned for and prepared me to work with preteens and teens. Also, my college education did that.

I want things. I want a bigger house (only before we have more kids, not now). I want to replace Anthony's car. I want to buy stuff and not feel guilty about it. I want to not be in debt (student loans & mortgage). All this requires money.

Therefore, I am going back to work.

Through the grapevine, I've been informed of some job opportunities for next year:

  1. Melbourne High School
  2. Bayside High School
  3. The new high school
Let's look at these more closely:

MEL HIGH--They are (so I've been told) looking for a new cheer coach (probably JV). There is an English teacher retiring and also, they need another English teacher anyway. I would be working with kids and parents I know. Plus, I've talked to some people who teach at Mel High and they love it! The faculty and the administration are great and helpful (again, so I've been told). I'd be a bulldog. Green, black, and white. The downside, it is all the way across town and would take a good 30 minutes to get there and get home everyday.

BAYSIDE HIGH--They too are looking for a new cheer coach....a VARSITY cheer coach. my dream come true. They are also looking to greatly improve school spirit. Not to toot my own horn, but seriously, who would be better at that? Also, it is literally 5 minutes from my house. My friend Stacey teaches there. It is always great to teach where you know someone. Downside: not so sure if they are hiring English teachers. That could be a problem. Seriously.

THE NEW SCHOOL--They are building a new high school pretty close to my house. With a new school comes teaching positions and an available cheer position. Someone who could build a program. Start fresh. Some of my Central kids are zoned to go there. LOVE my Central kids. Seriously.

I haven't been offered any jobs. I have in an application. As soon as I take the sub class I can substitute teach at Mel High and Bayside. This will let me get a feel for both schools. Hopefully something will come of this. I know I've always been a middle school advocate but lately I've REALLY had the itch for 9th grade. I don't even know if there will be 9th grade positions open. I'm a little scared to teach juniors or seniors but I think I could do it.

Be praying for me. Pray that God will be preparing a place for me--a place where I can make a difference and do what I love. Pray that God will prepare me to go into a high school and pick up teaching again. Pray that God will be preparing the heart of the person who will be keeping Ansleigh. Pray that God will prepare our family for such a big change.

This is a big step and a big change for us. I'm excited, scared, and nervous.

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