Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Coupons

A & D Ointment coupon...not sure if it is $1 off 1 or if it is a $1 for 1 but either way, a good deal.

Save $1 on Affrin nasal spray

Save $.50 on Clorox Green Works product--you'll need the "coupon printer" for this one.

Save $2.00 on ANY Aveeno product (woot woot)
$1 on Aveeno diaper rash cream--need coupon printer

Save $.50 on one box of new Banana Nut Cheerios--they are yummy and are on sale at Target for $3 a box right now, get them for $2.50! printer

Save $2.00 on Bertolli oven baked meals

Get 2 Campbell's cooking soups for $1 here

$2 off one Febreeze Laundry Oder Eliminator

$1 off Johnson's & Johnson's Bedtime Products--need coupon printer

Save $.50 on Johnson's & Johnson's Vapor Bath

Save $.50 on Nature's Own bread or buns--coupon printer

Coupons for Nursery Water

Register for $1.50 off Pedialyte

$1 off Stonyfield Yogurt products...they make organic yogurt, including the popular Yo Baby

$1 off any two Uncle Ben's rice products

$1 off 1lb or more of Velveeta

Save $1.50 off two ziploc products (bags/containers). Right now they are on sale at CVS for 2/$4 and with this coupon, you'd get the $1.50 off that!

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