Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Drop 5


You heard me.

Lose 5 whole pounds in 36 hours.

Not possible you may be thinking, but it is.

Let me tell you the story:
This weekend, hubs and I took Ansleigh to the Gymboree Play & Learn place for a Valentine party. Afterwards we decided we'd grab some quick dinner because Ansleigh was being super fussy. We stopped at Sonic. Yes, I know, fast food. The devil.

Anthony ordered some kind of burger with bacon, bbq sauce, onion rings (complete nastiness). I got a regular cheeseburger. We both got cheese fries and cherry limeades.

2 am comes...and I wake up throwing up. 12 hours later, I was still throwing up.
3 am comes...and I get up with the "other." 16 hours later, I still had the "other."

Food Poisoning.

Nice, huh?

Now I DO NOT reccomend this for dieting, but I guess I learned my fast food lesson.

We will not be eating Sonic anytime soon. You shouldn't either.

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