Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Days Are Better

Some days are better than other days.

Some days I wake up and and want to go back to sleep and sleep for the rest of eternity.Some days I'm bored out of my mind and totally lazy. And then, there are days like today.

I woke up to quietness, not, "WAH! WAH! Mommy!!! Mommy!!!" I even laid there and enjoyed it for a few minutes before the "WAH! WAH! Mommy!!! Mommy!!!" even started. I was happy to be awake (which, might I add, is rare).

I was so chipper I even let the Bug have chocolate milk [insert GASP here] with her pop tart. I had my usual 100 calorie granola bar and tiny-sized Minute Maid mixed berry juice.

We watched a little Playhouse Disney and then got dressed and went somewhere. Not because we had to, but because I wanted to.

We met Nessa friend, and Ansleigh's friend at the Mall and had lunch. Now usually when we're out some where and I pay for food for Ansleigh, it is almost always a guarantee she won't eat any of it, but today, she did! She ate almost all of it and I got a super delicious smoothie out of the deal.

We had some play time, I returned some shorts, Ansleigh went down the slide by herself and pushed a little boy who was taking too long (atta girl). We strolled around the mall and then came home.

She napped, I accidentally napped. We watched 101 Dalmatians and I giggled as Ansleigh kept referring to Cruela as "keen, keen" (aka: Evil Queen).

Then the most amazing, monumental thing happened:

I cooked.

Now don't get me wrong, I cook most days, but not like this. Usually it is something frozen, pre-prepared, or totally microwaveable, and almost NEVER chicken.

I used some boneless skinless chicken and dipped it in egg then a combo of bread crumbs, crushed up corn flakes, Parmesan, and some mozzarella. I used some EVOO (look at me, going all Rachael Ray on you) and cooked the chicken in the skillet. Then I made some "Easy Rissoto." Except, I wouldn't say it was so easy.

The recipe was a Pampered Chef recipe but I tweaked it. Everything was fat free, and low sodium, whole wheat (bread crumbs and rice), and totally good for you. I made it into a low calorie dinner. I even used fat free soy milk instead of the regular two percent organic I usually cook with. Hubs didn't know that part....and now I've blown my secret.

Now this may not sound like such a big deal to most people, but for me, it is. I have never cooked chicken before. No. Seriously. Never. It totally grosses me out. I even had to 911 Mom a few times but everything turned out good.

Now since I'm known for my honesty, I will say that I did learn a few things along the way.

  1. Don't buy giant hunks of chicken. Go for the smaller pieces. They cook faster.
  2. Don't cook something that needs to have it's temperature checked when you have no means of doing so.
  3. Double check to make sure the rice is actually done before you serve up dinner.
  4. Be sure to thoroughly mix the cream cheese.
In my defense, I didn't really know about meat thermometers and therefore CLEARLY did not have one, but I have ordered one and it shall be here in two days, thank you Amazon Prime. Part of Anthony's chicken was still pink but he just ate around it and only ate the white part. But he had a HUGE piece. Also, Mom said it was probably done, so I blame her. :)

Only a little bit of the rice was still crunchy and we really enjoy cream cheese so neither of us was upset that there was still big hunks in it.

Anyway, today was one of the better days. It was a day where I enjoyed being at home and having a clean house and appreciated that I'm blessed enough to be able to be home and keep my house clean (when I try), and that I can take my Bug to the mall for a lunch date/play date. I was glad to have the time to try to cook something delicious and healthy for my family.

Most of my days aren't like that, but today was, and it was great. :)


Much More Than Mommy said...

I had to 911 our carriefriend while I was working with chicken the night before. *shudder* Go you!

Katye Campbell said...

In case you ever decide to cook chicken again ;-) just cut the huge pieces in half and pound them flat with a meat pounder or heavy rolling pin. I usually cover them with saran wrap first so it's not so messy. They definitely cook faster and you don't have pink parts.
I'm proud of you- for who you are- whether you cook or not, clean or not, get dressed or not, etc. You are a great gal!

w said...

i didn't see anything about gloves.